It was a match fought on the lover’s night, dubbed as the ‘Revenge Fight’ after 2014’s famous ten second fight when Golola landed a lucky punch to knockout Tugume.

Every kickboxing enthusiast in the country and beyond the boarders looked forward to the fight held in the wee hours of Monday morning at the Lugogo Indoor Arena.

Moses ‘Of Uganda’ Golola defeated Titus ‘Hard Rock’ Tugume through a points decision after a hard fought seven rounds action that had every jab, punch and fall well cheered by a lively crowd.

At the end of the seven rounds, the three judges tallied 67-67, 66-62 and 66-67 in favour of Golola, amassing a total of 200 points to Tugume’s 196.

Like all kickboxing bouts held in Uganda, time management remains a big undoing.

The main fight that was supposed to get underway at 11:00P p.m was delayed almost two hours as under-cards curtain raised the night for the more than eager fans.

By the time the main ring MC’s Daniel Irish Kanyerezi and Mr Mosh ushered in the two prized fighters, it was 1:00 a.m

After the Buganda and Uganda anthems, the two fighters took to the ring under the keen eyes of the main referee from Kenya, Fazil Duku.

Golola had the first break of the ice with a well executed punch that floored the UPDF soldier to the canvas under deafening noise.

As the early as the opening two seconds of the second round, Tugume retaliated with a similar punch that sent Golola down.

From then on wards, there was constant tangling and hugging from the two boxers until a stoppage in the fourth round when the ring needed ‘maintenance’.

Golola perfectly utilized the break with his comical jigs much to the delight of the crowd.

On resumption after close to an eight minutes break, Golola once again sent the boxing cum kicking soldier down.

The fifth till the eighth round saw Tugume fall down a combined nine times under either a push or punch from the motor-razed fighter.

By the last round, the enthusiastic crowd listened attentively when MC Irish read the scoring from the judges round after round.

Round by Round Scoring:

Tugume took round one 30-29, Golola won the second 20-26, Tugume claimed the third 30-28, Golola edged by a point in the fourth 29-28, Tugume was successful in the fifth 29-26, Golola clinched the second last round 28-27 before also winning the very last one, where Tugume fell down four times, 30-26.

Referee Duku then decorated Golola with the East and Africa Belt as the boxer smiled ear to ear.

New Records:

Golola earns his 23rd victory from 29 professional fights where he has also had two losses and four draws.

On the other hand, the fight was Tugume’s 9th professional fight, second loss (ironically both coming from Golola) and seven victories (three technical knock-outs).


Titus ‘Hard Rock’ Tugume:

I respect the results and there isn’t much I can do to change them now.

I think I scored far much better than Goloa.  He (Golola) should learn to be a disciplined fighter.

Golola ‘Of Uganda’ Moses:

Hallelujah… I thank God for this victory.

I thank Rock Boom and all my sponsors. I am not giving up.

I now want to advance in academics.

Tugume should continue training, he is an aggressive fighter.

Me, I will soon retire when I play a planned fight coming up. I thank my fans and promoters. Big up to my trainers and all the boxers and kick-boxers

East & Central Africa Kick boxing Fight:

  • Judge 1: – 67 (Golola) – 67 (Tuguma)
  • Judge 2: – 67 (Golola) – 62 (Tugume)
  • Judge 3: – 66 (Golola) – 67 (Tugume)


Isaac Ojok (Kampala University) beat Abbas Ssegujja (Pentagon)

George Wandera Knocked Out Bwanika Mayanja

Professional Under-Card:
Sharif Bukenya Beat Lokidento (By Technical Knock-out)

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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