Chrispus Muyinda extreme right, watching Cranes'training session Credit: Kawowo Sports

Former Uganda Cranes international and current national team manager Chrispus Muyinda was voted to the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) supreme body.

Muyinda was among the six delegates elected from the Eastern region to represent the football fraternity from the area at the body.

Muyinda, in an exclusive interview with Kawowo Sports disclosed that he will front the interests of eastern region, general football development and those of the footballers.

Being an Ex-International and a diligent servant of the game over the years, I will continue to front the interests of the game at all times in the football supreme body without fear or favour.

The other delegates from the Eastern region are; Sam Lwere, Amin Nkono Bbosa, Jamal Ngobi, Latif Mafuko and Magoola Bbosa.

Like the rest of the delegates, Isa Musiwa was voted unopposed as the Eastern region football association chairman.

The Eastern region had followed the other regions as Kampala, Buganda, West Nile, Kitara, Nothern, Western and the North East who voted for their respective regions.

Yusuf Awuye the FUFA Electoral committee vice chairman presided over the elections of both Kampala and Buganda regions.

In Buganda region, former FUFA publicist Rogers Mulindwa was floored by Nyamityobora team manager Suliat Makumbi.

Other delegates from Buganda who have been in the football august house but will miss out include veteran radio journalist Yusuf ‘Of Uganda’ Baliruno, Masaka S.S’ games master Meddie Sserwadda and former Buganda region chairman and strong man, Sulaiman Ssejjengo.

On top of voting for the FUFA Assembly delegates there were also elections for other categories ; for instance referees (2) delegates to represent then in the Uganda Football Referee’s Association assembly, Coaches also elected 2 delegates to represent them in the Coaches Association.

The regions also elected their respective executive comittees.

A total of 48 regional delegates were elected which makee 50% of the composition of the entire FUFA General Assembly which comprises of 88 delegates.

Therefore, the regional delegates election exercise a very important one since it’s the biggest composition of the General Assembly.

All these delegates will make up the FUFA Assembly that will usher in a new President and his Executive.

The FUFA Elective Assembly is slated for August 5th in Masindi.

Some of the Delegates:

 Kampala Region:

4th Division: Moses Magogo, Hamid Juma, Sande Moni, Serunjogi Robert, Tamale Haruna were elected unopposed.

3rd Division: Darius Mugoye

Kampala Region FA Chairman-Dirisa Kasalirwe (unopposed)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Referees: Ndawula Muhammad – 10 votes, Matovu Sulaiman – 6 Votes, Richard Bogere Ssenkaba –  4 votes

SIG-Youth: John Bosco Matsiko, Moses Mawa (elected unopposed)

SIG-3rd Division players: Omar Faizal, Allan Rutsinde (elected unopposed)

SIG: To the Uganda Football Coaches Association: Paul  Ssali, Pius Ngabo

North East Region:

Regional Delegates:

  1. Richard Ochom – 16 votes
  2. Agnes Mugena -16 votes
  3. Johnson Nyiria Fairfax – 15 votes
  4. Moses Esalu Shesmond – 12 votes
  5. Michael Onyinge Emaju – 12 votes

Buganda Region:

Zone 1: Joseph Mwanje (voted unopposed)

Zone 2: Sulait Makumbi – 15 votes, Rogers Mulindwa – 11 votes (Makumbi Sulait declared winner)

Zone 3: Hajji Abdul Ssekabira 16 votes, Sam Mpiima – 14 votes, Ismail Kalanda – 12 votes, Yusuf Baliruno 10 votes, Sulaiman Bossa (withdrew). *Hajji Abdul Ssekabira and Sam Mpiima declared winners.

Zone 4: Stephen Semutono -14 votes, Semwezi Umar – 12 votes

3rd Division: Athuman Wasswa 11 votes, Hassan Kavuma 6 votes, Sserubiri Edirisa 4 votes. Wasswa declared winner.

SIG- Referees: Hajji Yusuf Kamulegeya, Issa Masembe

SIG-Players: Frank Senabulya, Rajab Jooga

SIG-Coaches: Davis Mutono, Fred Nsamba

Chairman Buganda region: Andrew Kaweesa- 32 votes, Sulaimani Ssejengo 23 votes. Kaweesa declared winner.

Buganda’s Delegates to the FUFA Assembly: Joseph Mwanje, Makumbi Sulait, Hajji Abdul Sekabira, Sam Mpiima and Semutono Stephen.

A delegate from the 3rd Division League clubs will also be elected.

Eastern Region: Sam Lwere, Amin Nkono Bbosa, Jamal Ngobi, Latif Mafuko and Magoola Bbosa.

Eastern Region football association chairman: Isa Musiwa

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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