Harold Wanyama
Harold Wanyama

Ugandan teams got off to a decent start in the inaugural Africa Online Chess League on Saturday, with each side securing a win in the opening round.

The top side, Uganda A outscored their Nigeria A after two sets of play in the first round. FM Harold Wanyama feasted on Nigerian IM Adu Oladape and Walter Okas outwitted his opponent, both players winning the two sets.

Wanyama’s win was one that left Ogunsiku Babatunde, a Nigerian journalist and chess promoter who was enthralled by the idea of the league stunned. He said: “The league has brought a few chess players from different countries together. The aim is that it will bring the whole of Africa together and help Africa unite.

“For me the surprising result was FM [Harold] Wanyama of Uganda beating IM [Adu] Oladape of Nigeria when Uganda A played against Nigeria B.”

The West Africans were able to secure wins on the second and fourth boards, with David Muwanguzi losing both sets and FM Patrick Kawuma faltering on the second set, but spoils were shared by Kawuma and his board two opponent in the opening set hence the 4.5-3.5 score in favor of the East Africans.

Uganda B, captained by Paul Kafuko won and drew the first and second set respectively against Nigeria D, handing them four points in the table standings. And Uganda C, the side captained by Ezekiel Matsiko beat Namibia A in the first set and drew with them in the set that followed.

Nigeria B lead table standings

Only two teams ended the round unscratched. Zimbabwe A proved a match not for Nigeria B as the West Africans won both their sets. The other team that proved a hard nut to crack for their opponents was Zambia A. The side beat Namibia B in both sets to make sure of a brilliant start.

The South African side, RSA Juniors picked up four points from Zimbabwe D that placed them fourth after round one.

The outcome mean Nigeria B lead the table standings with six points, but hot on their heels is Zambia A with the same points.

Like their counterparts Uganda B, Uganda A and Uganda C have four points in the table standings after round one.

Marion Malinga

Staff Writer for Kawowo Sports

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