Uganda will be involved in its first international Floorball match on Saturday September 23rd, at Lugogo.


The team coached by James Hasindhe hosts their neighbors Kenya in either side’s first international game. It will be the first time such a match is happening in the African continent.

The International Floorball Federation [IFF] handed Uganda Floorball Association [UFA] the opportunity to host their first continental game about two months ago and Kenya was the opponent chosen.

What is floorball?

Floorball is a type of field hockey consisting of six players including a goalkeeper per side. It’s played on a rink, and unlike field hockey, the floorball sticks are relatively short and round in shape.

The rules and equipment used in floorball are also slightly different from field hockey.

The game was introduced to the country in 2012 by Robert Zimula who until last week, was serving as the Association president. Zimula stepped down for David Mugisha and assumed the role of an International Coordinator.

On Saturday before the game kicks off at 4pm, a coaching session aimed at equipping Ugandan, Kenyan and Rwandan players with coaching skills will be conducted.

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