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Pirates veteran Dennis Etuket has paid a glowing tribute to former national rugby team international Allan Musoke as the star celebrates his birthday today.

[/media-credit] Allan Musoke Credit: Daily Monitor

The tactician also serial basketball fanatic and former player for Power got lauded by the Etuket who called him his inspiration, one of the finest Uganda has ever seen.

In a post on social media, Etuket narrated how the star built something inside him from the first day he saw him.

The first ever live rugby game I watched was in my senior one at the Kings College Budo grounds.It was a game between Kings College Budo the hosts and St Mary’s College Kisubi.

On that day I saw a bunch of players who kept the whole school on their feet with their near miss and try scoring moments.

The fans were very loud that day.It was the right winger playing for Budo that day that I singled out for his never say die attitude.

I vowed that one day I would play on the same field with him. Budo lost that game but it was the day that I decided that I wanted to have a crowd full of fans yelling my name and cheering my teammates and I as I went past an opponent and touched down for a game winning try.

Etuket continued: “We all have that one person whom we look up to and regard highly with the utmost respect.The person that inspired me to become a Winger and want to score tries is Allan Musoke.

“I was privileged to have played alongside the Finest Ugandan Winger at both Club & International Level and someone that I grew up looking at as a Mentor.

“You are a true role model and the High Standards that you set on the field can only be termed as legendary. Those who got to see you on the field at your best are very lucky.Happy Birthday Allan Musoke!!!”

Musoke was a key player in the Uganda Rugby Cranes team that won the CAR Africa Cup on 29 September 2007. The side defeated Madagascar 42-11 – a game where he scored a try.

Back then, he played for the African Leopards multinational team, in July 23, 2005, in the 15-30 loss to the South African Students, in Ellis Park, Johannesburg.

He played basketball for Power in the FUBA league of Uganda in 2009 while also continuing his rugby career.

The legend –  who is currently retired was recently coach of top flight Rugby premiership side Kobs.

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