Patrick Kawuma Credit: Courtesy
[/media-credit] Patrick Kawuma is the new No.2 seed in East Africa Credit: Courtesy

The recently concluded Uganda Open Chess Championship did a great deal of damage to most Uganda’s top players.

With exception of FM Patrick Kawuma whose unmatched performance at the Open led to his success, IM Arthur Ssegwanyi, IM Elijah Emojong, FM Harold Wanyama and FM Haruna Nsubuga’s FIDE ratings have been affected following their ordinary displays.

[/media-credit] Arthur Ssegwanyi retains the top spot but losses points Credit: Courtesy

While Ssegwanyi remains No.1 seed in East Africa, he drops 26 points, reducing his rating from 2373 to 2347. His fellow IM Emojong losses both points and the second spot. The 25-year-old slips down to third and is now rated 2310 from 2333.

Prior the event, Wanyama was just ten points away from joining the 2300+ class. A better show would have definitely seen him cross the line, but that will now have to wait as he is closer to the 2100 than he is to 2300.

Harold Wanyama drops out of the top five

The five-time Olympian drops from 2280 to 2249. And added to that, he moves out of the top five places in the region.

Nsubuga lost the most points, with 37 points lost. He leaves the 2200+ bracket, and back to 2100. With a rating of 2170, the youngest FM in the country slips down to ninth.

Haruna Nsubuga dropped the most points

While the quartet won’t savor their new positions and ratings, there was joy for a certain set of fans; the Kawuma fans. With a rating performance of 2765, Kawuma won the inaugural Uganda Open in fashion, and this has propelled his rating to 2330, making him the second seed in the region.

Elijah Emojong dropped to third

The FM dislodges Emojong who losses the spot for the first time in four years. Last year this time, Kawuma was fourth with a 2266 rating. He has since been on a swift rise and could dislodge Ssegwanyi from the No.1 spot should he emulate his Uganda Open performance at the ongoing Rwabushenyi Memorial Open.

[/media-credit] Solomon Lubega gained a massive 79 points Credit: Courtesy

Other notable changes include Solomon Lubega who earns a new rating of 1972 from 1893. That’s a massive 79 points scooped. And Simon Gonza who drops 28 points from 2139-2111.

[/media-credit] Shakira Ampaire earned 16 points Credit: Courtesy

In the Women’s section, Shakira Ampaire, winner of the Uganda Open scooped 16 points, taking her new rating to 1464.

WFM Ivy Clare Amoko remains the region’s best. Amoko’s new rating reads 1813 from 1809. WFM Goretti Angolikin adds 19 elos to her rating, taking it to 1638. She becomes the second seeded woman in East Africa displacing WFM Grace Kigeni who sat out the Uganda Open.

[/media-credit] Ivy Amoko maintained her top spot Credit: © Kawowo Sports | AISHA NAKATO

WFM Christine Namaganda took her rating to 1549 after attaining nine points.

Marion Malinga

Staff Writer for Kawowo Sports

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