Moses Golola
Moses Golola (R) talking to jounalist Abdul Wasike

In 2016, Ugandans were told to brace themselves for one of the most awaited kickboxing fights that would happen early 2017, February 2 to be exact.

“The prayers for many Ugandans have been answered. Moses Golola will fight Umar Semata on the 2nd February 2017 in a fight dubbed as the ‘Fight of the Century’,” then fight promoter Abbey ‘Abitex’ Musinguzi said.

However, the fight between motor-mouthed Moses Golola who is regarded as the god father of the sport and Umar Semata did not happen, and as always Ugandans moved on.

A year later, with a different promoter, the fight has been given the green light and has been set for Saturday, October 13, 2018.

Promoter Abdul Malik Karisa confirmed the fight on Tuesday during a press briefing  at Mt. Zion Hotel.

“These guys (Golola and Semata) are Champions… This is actually the biggest fight ever in Uganda and I am proud to be part of this,” Karisa said.

The development comes after a largely successful kickboxing event over the weekend in which both Golola and Semata knocked out their opponents at Freedom City.

Golola with ease technically knocked out Abu Kikenwa in the third round while Umar Ssemata barely broke any sweat in putting down his Kenyan opponent Mukahala.

While Golola wanted the fight to be earlier than June after being dared by his opponent, the brawl was scheduled to take four months later than the man who gave birth to the sport in the country wanted.

“A fighter never fears, but every dog has its day… I have always wanted to fight him, but Golola is a disease that has no cure…” he said loudly. “Please Promoter Malik, let me fight this man before June this year,” he added.

Meanwhile, Semata who is a WBC Champion (Muay Thai) and former WKF with 77 fights and 44 wins under his belt promised to teach Golola kickboxing.

“Golola is just a local fighter, he has sold in Uganda but I have been abroad and sold this country’s flag all over. I have faced off tougher opponents that Golola can’t stand with.”

Franklin Kaweru is the Editor in Chief of Kawowo Sports. He is an ardent basketball enthusiast.

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