Fortebet, Uganda’s biggest betting company has paid out to the winner of 49m, all the way from Arua. On Thursday morning, the winner, Kasul Acidri jetted in straight from Arua to Fortebet head offices in Kololo to pick his money. As usual, whenever a customer wins, he is paid out without any delays, and this is what happened with Acidri, he received all his money, cash.

It should be remembered that just a few days ago, Acidri selected 12 games, on which he bet with just 1000/=. If this ticket won, it would bring 49,186,284 and indeed it won. This wonder winner went for just 12 soccer games and mostly selected away wins (8 in total) plus only two draws and two home wins. Most importantly however, the big odds that Fortebet offers made the real difference because this slip generated a total odd of 57,866.22.

The money was handed over to Acidri by Fortebet’s Media manager, John Nanyumba. Smiling from ear to ear, Acidri said, immediately after the handover, that, “I feel extremely proud because my betting dream has come true. I have been betting but not winning. But inside me, I kept my hopes alive, hoping that one time, I will win some big money. This dream has now become a reality.”

Acidri, told us that this is not the first time he is winning, the other being a win of 5 million after staking the same amount of 1000/=. “I have lost so many times, and I know many out there go through the same. However, you can never get your chances come to pass if you never continuously try out. Just keep trying, one time you will smile like me,” Acidri added.

The winner said that he is going to use this money for construction of a house in his plot of land that he bought earlier and also adding more money in his hotel business which is located in Arua town. Congratulations Acidri.

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