Jas Mangat Credit: © Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDE
[/media-credit] New NRC leader Jas Mangat Credit: © Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDE

The Federation of Motorsports clubs of Uganda (FMU) Pearl Rally decision did not only leave crews much in confusion but  also its officials.

The decision which was posted on FMU Facebook page last weekend had the management committee agree to suspend all bonus points for group S classified crews while only one crew that complied to the technical regulation scored bonus points.

STATEMENT Clarification on V-Power Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally 2018 Standing Points

Posted by Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda – FMU on Saturday, 3 November 2018

However, some members of the same management committee do not concur with the published decision.

“The decision that came out is not what we actually agreed upon. Some of us are not even aware of that decision. It’s unfortunate I can not discuss our earlier decision because the ruling is already public.

“We had a management meeting, agreed and quoted several articles to back up our decision. But having crews to be scored under national points and others in ARC with bonus awarded was not exactly what we reached as the management,” said FMU assistant general secretary Ernest Zziwa.

FMU managment committee

Before the decision, the sporting commission assessed the issue and passed the recommendations on which to base a ruling.

“True, the sporting commission sent it’s recommendations unfortunately one of the members held a competition license which violates article 9.7.1 that governs the commission.

“The committee also forgot that the event had two permits, for ARC and national as well as ignoring a few other articles to that matter,” he added.

Zziwa also admits that officials are partly to blame for the scenario as the safety tank rule was not taken to the stakeholders, discussed before it could effect the national regulations.

Another official who preferred anonymity asserts that Management Committee does not have any right to make a final decision in the federation.

“FMU president and the management made an error. Our constitution says all decisions taken by management committee shall be ratified by the executive committee at it’s next meeting.

“The executive committee never sat to discuss this matter. We had agreed on a decision and it was supposed to be taken to the executive. But even some of us at management have no official communication of that final decision,” he said.

The management decision impacted on the NRC standings with Mangat; the only crew with bonus points now assuming the lead.

The ultimate round of the championship is this weekend in Mbale.

Current NRC drivers’ standings

  1. Jas Mangat             305
  2. Ronald Sebuguzi   300
  3. Susan Muwonge    295
  4. Hassan Alwi           210

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