Franklin Kaweru | Kawowo Sports Allan Mukiibi battling Alex Mugisha in the earlier rounds. (Photo: John Batanudde)

The long-awaited climax of the 2019 National Boxing Open championship is for Sunday at Lugogo Indoor Stadium.

The overall winning club on points will smile home with a brand new motorcycle and the second placed club take a bull.

The third placed team will scoop Boxing equipment and several prizes will be awarded to top performers.

David Ssemujju (KCCA) and Sadir Musa (East Coast) in the welterweight category will be one of the most eagerly awited bout.

Franklin Kaweru | Kawowo Sports Ali Mwesi facing off with Musa Shadir in the semi-finals. Shadir plays Ssemujju in final.

Emma Kyambadde of Lukanga boxing club takes on COBAP’s Yusuf Babu Yusuf in the heavyweight fight.

Juniors bouts have Marvin Kintu of Sparks taking on Bright Orothmio of Sakku in light fly, Ibrahim Kemi of Kibuli has a walk over in the fly weight and Reagan Sekyete of Malalo boxing club will face Frank Kasozi of Lukanga in the light Bantam among other fights.

Franklin Kaweru | Kawowo Sports

Full Bouts

Juniors category

  • Light Fly Weight: Kintu Marvin (Sparks B.C) Vs Orothomo Bright ( SAKKU B.C)
  • Fly Weight: Kemi Ibrahim ( Kibuli B.C) gets a walkover
  • Light Bantam Weight: Sekyete Reagan ( Malalo B.C) Vs Kasozi Frank (Lukanga B.C)
  • Bantam Weight: Bob Turyatemba ( Sparks B.C) Vs Paul Rasika ( East Coast)
  • Feather Weight: David Kayemba ( Lukanga B.C) Vs Shafik Wasswa ( Zebra B.C)
  • Light Weight: Arafat Mbusi (COBAP B.C) Vs Ibrahim Nsubuga ( Lukanga B.C)
  • Light Welterweight: Alex Kanabi ( Lukanga B.C) Vs Dan Sekasi (COBAP B.C)
  • Junior Welterweight: Brian Kidega ( Lukanga B.C) – walkover.
  • Light Middle Weight: Kirwana Sadat ( Lukanga B.C) Vs Mutebi David ( COBAP B.C)

Youth Category

  • Light Weight: Roch Nelson ( Police B.C) Vs Arafat Kimera ( Kampala High B.C)
  • Fly Weight: Edrine Ojambo (Nakawa B.C) Vs Sozi Patrick ( Lukanga B.C)
  • Bantam Weight: Mubiru Disan ( Lukanga B.C) Vs Mubiru Derrick ( COBAP)
  • Light Welterweight: Siriro Pius ( Sparks B.C) Vs Emma Attan ( East coast B.C)
  • Welterweight: Matovu Ukash ( COBAP B.C) Vs Mazida Mohamed ( Lukanga B.C)
  • Middle Weight: Semudu Muzamil ( Kololo B.C) Vs Shaban Karim ( Kibuli)
  • Light Heavy Weight: Omondi Boy ( Kibuli B.C) Vs Muyingo James ( Police B.C)
  • Heavyweight: Oyuka Shaka ( Kibuli B.C) gets a walk over as well as Habib Mohamad ( East Coast B.C)

Women Youth Category

  • Light Fly Weight: Nankinga Grace ( University of Pain) Vs Nanziri Cathy ( A and B)
  • Fly Weight:
  • Nasali Maria ( Lukanga B.C) Vs Mpirirwa Tracy ( Kololo High B.C)
  • Bantam Weight: Auma Flavia (Lukanga B.C) Vs Nakimuli Teddy ( University of Pain)
  • Light Weight:
  • Nabosa Alice ( A and B) Vs Mirembe Faridah ( Lukanga B.C)

Women Elite Category

  • Fly Weight:
  • Nali Jalia ( Zebra B.C) Vs Nantongo Sarah ( Police B.C)
  • Bantam Weight:
  • Ajambo Moreen ( Zebra ) Vs Aminah Musa ( UPDF)
  • Light Weight: Nasuna Milly ( COBAP) Vs Ainebyona Laura ( East Coast)
  • Light Welterweight:
  • Opio Vivian ( UPDF) Vs Among Rebecca
  • Welterweight: Nakayibale Scovia ( Zebra ) Vs Nakalema Emily (Katwe B.C)
  • Middle Weight: Namabiro Joy ( Zebra ) Vs Nabwire Rosete ( Power Gym)
  • Heavy Weight: Hellen Baleke (Zebra) – walk over.

Elite Men

  • Light Fly Weight: Joshua Kizza ( Kalinabiri B.C) Vs Busingye Champ ( Police)
  • Fly Weight: Katongole John Baptist ( East Coast) Vs Lwanga Mohamed ( Katwe B.C)
  • Bantam Weight: Isaac Masembe ( COBAP ) Vs Frank Muhairwe ( KCCA B.C)
  • Light Weight: Adinan Yasin ( Mutujjazi B.C) Vs Wasswa Ssali ( Lukanga B.C)
  • Light Welterweight: Tukamuhebwa Ajoshua ( East Coast) Vs Sebufu Isaac ( University of Pain B.C)
  • Welterweight: David Ssemujju ( KCCA B.C ) Vs Musa Shadir (East Coast)
  • Middle Weight: Joshua Male (Zana B.C) Vs Medi Lubega (Lukanga)
  • Light Heavyweight: Dumba Sofas ( Kololo High B.C) Vs Musa Latigo (Ice Mark B.C)
  • Heavyweight: Emma Kyambadde ( Lukanga ) Vs Yusuf Babu ( COBAP)
  • Super Heavyweight: Mike Komakech ( East Coast ) Vs Solomon Geko ( Lukanga B.C)


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