Dusman Okee, FMU Symposium Credit: Africa Rally Archives
Dusman Okee, FMU Symposium Credit: Africa Rally Archives

The local Motorsport governing body FMU has tasked its legal committee to revisit the proposed amendments to the federation constitution.

One major proposal was presented by Motorsport Club Africa (MOSAC) at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday was the reduction of the executive term of office from four to two years.

Although no credible reasons were presented to the proposal, the AGM agreed to push the matter to the legal committee which will access the worthiness of the proposal before final amendments are done on the constitution. 

The finding will be presented at an extra ordinary general meeting. 

At the same meeting, Motocross rider Barak Orland was approved to take on the role of deputy vice president in charge of motorcycling for the next one year. 

The FMU President Dusman Okee also submitted the federation’s annual report that consisted of the achievements of 2018. 

Among the achievements included the acquisition of the rally time clocks and an outstanding year for the Motocross

The challenges were faced mainly in the safety department following a series of safety incidents last year.

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