The 2018 Ludo National Super League which ended with Nansana All-Stars as champions, also had the Kampala based Bassajja Bayiiya, Mukono based Ntaawo Stage, Kawempe based Ddembe Vegas, and former champions Kawanda Giants relegated.

The forthcoming Ludo Super Mini-league Playoffs will see the above teams replacements confirmed for the 2019 season.

The playoffs scheduled to start on 3rd 2019 are set in two groups of six teams each out of which only two qualify to make the four needed.

Group A has Lugala Lc, Kanyanya Lc, Eagles Lc, Kilombe A Lc, Nsambya Utd Lc, Kyengera Central Lc while Group B has, Balandiza Kimeze Lc, Kireka Fish Lc, Buloba A Lc, Nateete Central Lc, Jesco Lc and Kisaasi Youth Lc.

Among the teams to watch in group A is Kisaasi Youth and Nateete Central who have a number of experienced players while group B has Nsambya U and Kilombe Lc who were relegated from the 2016 super league.

Meanwhile, among the other pre-season activities on the federation calendar is the district leaders’ retreat, scheduled for 17th February 2019.

The Starting F

Date: 3rd March 2019
Time: 10:00am
Venue: Just Life Gardens, Mawanda Road.

  • Balandiza Kimeze Lc Vs Nateete Central Lc
  • Kireka Fish Lc Vs Kisaasi Youth Lc
  • Buloba A Lc Vs Jesco Lc
  • Lugala Lc Vs Kilombe A Lc
  • Kanyanya Lc Vs Kyengera Central Lc
  • Eagles Lc Vs Nsambya Utd Lc

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