Franklin Kaweru | Kawowo Sports Yasin Nasser (R) and Ali Katumba (Photo: John Batanudde)

Yasin Nasser undoubtedly made part of the highlights from the season opening event in Mbarara over the weekend.

The Moil Rally Team astonishingly gave his newly acquired Subaru GVB R4 an impressive first outing. 

Times over the two legs were competitive enough to settle for eighth position overall.

MOIL Rally Team Yasin Nasser (Courtesy Photo)

“Honestly, we were also amazed by our performance. The initial plan was to take it  slow as we further cope with the car. We couldn’t push to the limits as it would have been a risk. 

“But we tried to be competitive, and not forgetting our earlier plan. The car really behaved, apart from the first run of the super special when it lost power,” said Nasser. 

Franklin Kaweru | Kawowo Sports The Subaru GVB R4(photo by: John Batanudde)

In Mbarara, Nasser along with his co-driver Ali Katumba, proved they could be strong contenders in upcoming events.   

“Mbarara rally was a great event despite the sad ending. The event provided us with suitable grounds to assert our training. 

“We didn’t expect much from the event. But we are really happy with the results given our condition. It is a good motivation for future events,” he added.

With the next event in a due next month, the Moil team are determined to work on getting the most of the car. 

“We are not giving up on the training. This car is not something you can learn in a day or two. We shall train till we feel we are well versed with the GVB and its technicalities,

“I would like to thank my service team that made everything possible over the weekend. They worked tirelessly to have the GVB in shape. My sponsors to are behind the performance,” said Nasser. 

Franklin Kaweru | Kawowo Sports The GVB R4(Photo by: John Batanudde)

Yasin and co-driver Ali Katumba are now eighth; with 35 points on the NRC standings 


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