David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Jovan Luzinda shares his life journey of music and football. (Photo: David Isabirye)

Jovan Luzinda has dominated the domestic contemporary music scene for the past two years.

Few of his die-hard fans can realize that he betters the football talent like he does in music.

Now a proud member of the New Eagles music group, Luzinda ‘dumped’ football for a music career and has lots of regrets thus far.

As I was growing up, I played football for my Primary school (Wintson Najjanankumbi) until secondary school life at Lugazi Parents S.S.S. By that time, I could also compose my own songs and sing as well.

Jovan Luzinda
David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Luzinda with a fan
David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Jovan Luzinda

Born and bred in Lugazi, to Salongo Samuel Luzinda and Eva Nantongo, Luzinda is the third born in the family of five siblings.

Having endured the early years at his place of birth in Lugazi, he shifted base to Makindye, a surburb of the capital city, Kampala, famous for breeding great hitherhro unknown music entities.

 During the year 2015, he got closer to the role model who inspired and lured him into serious music, the legendary Geofrey Lutaaya, his god father musically.

Arguably, Lutaaya has been the alpha and omega of my singing career thus far.

He is more than a father to me with good advice here and there. He has always motivated me with good advise and encouraged me as well.

Little wonder therefore, given Lutaaya’s great love for Express Football Club, Luzinda also adores the Red Eagles to the brim.

For his trade mark and break through song, ‘Emboosera’, that became an instant hit with dominance of the air waves for months, Luzinda became famous.

He has however managed to balance the football business with music, often sacrificing hours off the studios and practice session for football drills.

I love football very much. I may not be playing it professionally, but, I admit, it has also marketed me in a way or the other. I also play for fun with friends to network and keep fit as well.

Jovan Luzinda, Musician
David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Jovan Luzinda

Luzinda has recently released another song, ‘Mpeedemaama’ which he believes will make a little more rounds than Mboosera.

Luzinda has the unique art and skill of writing his own music.

He has also released ‘Ninga Mutamiivu’, ‘True Love’ and ‘Ndoolaraalora’ among other songs in the pipeline.

Kyadondo East Member of Paliament Sentamu ‘Bobi Wine’ Kyagulanyi is his other hero on the music front.

Sportingly, he was inspired by former Arsenal, Monaco and France international Thierry Henry.

Luzinda is a strong fanatic of Express Football Club, just like his role model Geofrey Lutaaya.

How he will balance football and music remains yet another rich topic for another column.


  • Full Names: Jovan Luzinda
  • Parents: Salongo Samuel Bugembe  & Eva Nantongo
  • Date of Birth: 24th November 1992
  • Place of Birth: Lugazi
  • Education: Winston Primary School – Najjanakumbi, Lugazi Parents SS (O-Level)
  • Role Models: Geofrey Lutaaya, Bobi Wine & Thierry Henry
  • Favourite domestic club: Express Football Club


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