Franklin Kaweru | Kawowo Sports

Mwiri is not your traditional soccer power house compared to the likes of Kibuli, Kitende and Jinja SSS. Mwiri is associated with Cricket and are the record winners of the Schools Cricket Week.

However, the trend of college alumni soccer league caught up with Mwiri as well and last weekend they school alumni launched the Mwiri League.

The opening weekend of the league attracted over 300 old boys who descended to Namboole to represent their year of entry.

The league is made up of teams based on each persons year of entry in the school. Team Casablanca, from the cohort of 1990-96, is the oldest team while Sasi FC are the youngest side from the 2007-12 cohort.

Franklin Kaweru | Kawowo Sports

The team names all come from something familiar with the school like Suici FC (short form of suicide) comes from the water heaters which were in most cases in very dangerous condition thus the name suicide.

The youngsters didnt disappoint on the opening day as Suici FC (2006-2011) and Sasi FC (2007-2012) are on top of the table while the old men of Kabazi FC (1996 – 2001) are rooted at the bottom.

The league that happens every fortnight has 18 teams and each team gets to play at least 3 games on a given match day.

The next match day is scheduled for 13th April at Namboole. Action starts at 10am till late in the night.


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