Jean Todt Credit: FIA

The world motorsport governing body head Jean Todt says the FIA may delay the release of the 2020 World Rally Championship (WRC) calendar. 

Todt, during a media briefing at the Asparan service park in Turkey, said the FIA is still weighing options after numerous requests from potential host countries.

“We have a little delay because we want to maintain a fourteen round calendar and yet we have many requests. 

“We have to go through long strategies in order to choose the best events for long time basis. So it takes time to discuss and digest to come with the final calendar,” he said.

FIA president Jean Todt at the media zone Credit: FIA

The 2020 calendar is scheduled to be released in October. 

Japan and New Zealand are all in line for a slot on next year’s WRC calendar. 

But more anticipated is the inclusion of the Kenya Safari Rally after what was a successful candidate event in July this year.

However, Todt’s assertions make the Safari Rally return a likelihood in the 2020 series.  

The Safari was last held as WRC event seventeen years ago.

“We all know Safari Rally will never be the same again when we had to cover longer distances with open roads. It’s now a proper rally just like any WRC event. 

“And everything has drastically improved from the drivers, cars, and safety. The progress is there. 

“We would like to have WRC in different parts of the world to bring out the real definition of the championship,” he added. 

Jean Todt at the WRC Safari rally project launch in 2018.

Todt further asserts that WRC in Africa will be a big boost to road safety campaign. 

“Africa is still behind when it comes to road safety. People are not well informed on road safety issues since the level of education are still down among others.

“WRC in Africa will help us address road safety issues in Africa just like in other countries,” he added.

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