We shall Never Walk Alone: Liverpool fans in Uganda are at the forefront of massive tree planting

The joy and benefit of sport has been inalienable time immemorial.

From providing unending entertainment, offering employment (directly or indirectly), relieving stress, promoting teamwork to maintaining physical fitness, sports has played a commendable task.

This is in unison from all outdoor sporting disciplines like athletics, football, rugby, tennis, cricket, boxing, kickboxing, squash, hockey, netball, basketball, swimming, rowing, canoeing, Kayaking to indoor games like chess, ludo, darts, scrabble, Omweso, pool and the like.

Ardent fans of historic English Premier League club Liverpool, based in Uganda have fronted the club brand to foster unity amongst themselves, get entertained to the brim and forge worthwhile developmental ideas as nature conservation.

The official Liverpool fans based in Uganda, have upon this rich background, come up with the “Ugkop Tree Planting Campaign”.

Liverpool fans in Uganda on a tree planting campaign in Nakaseke District

This Tree Planting Campaign was launched in partnership with Tree Adoption Uganda where at least five million trees are intended to be planted.

This is in a bid to create the first-ever Liverpool Football Club Forest in Nakaseke where any Kopite around the world can plant a tree.

The forest requires over 1000 million trees before it can be referred to as a forest.

The main funder of this project is the Official Liverpool Supporters Club Uganda (UG-KOP) with the main partner as “Tree Adoption Uganda”.

Some of the tree species planted so far include; Musizi, Albizia and Mahogany.

The planting exercise will be done on a quarterly basis.

Arthur Nuwagaba

Arthur Nuwagaba, the in-charge for media relations at the Official Liverpool Supporters Club Uganda notes that the campaign is in line with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) cause.

This is a very good CSR activity not only for UG-KOP but for conservation of our environment because climate change always begins with us. So we as the OLSC Uganda decided to get the ball rolling and kick start this campaign in a bid to hopefully encourage the sporting community to join the cause. 

Arthur Nuwagaba, Media Relations Chief – Official Liverpool Supporters Club Uganda
A female Liverpool fan with a tree seedling ready to plant

Aims and objectives of the tree planting campaign:

  • The aim of this campaign is to be able to offset the carbon print of Kopites all over the world through planting trees. This will also improve the ecosystem at large.
  • The land is provided by Tree Adoption Uganda and volunteers who donated their land.
  • The planted trees are not for commercial purposes but for the conserving the environment and it is illegal to cut them down.
  • Climate change is a real and as Liverpool FC supporters club, we decided to give back to the society and preserve the environment. We aim at planting 5million trees as part of the people of the world forest a campaign initiated by tree adoption Uganda.
  • The tree species planted are long-lasting and will not be cut down regardless of the prevailing circumstances.
  • The trees planted can be monitored by a geo monitoring app that provides feedback about the status of the tree. Through mapping the tree(s) the planter is awarded a certificate of owner of the tree in the people of the world forest. Each tree is sold at 3500shs and Kopites collect money during match days to able to buy them and plant them.
Liverpool fans plan to plant five million trees in Uganda

Prime Target:

The current target is to plant 5millions trees on 100acres of land in Nakaseke district and also go to other parts of the country. There is a projection that all sports lovers especially Liverpool Football Club fans can join us in this cause to protect and preserve the environment and fight against climate change for our future generations.

“Trees offer us so much beyond just timber or charcoal. Let’s preserve trees,” Nuwagaba attests.

A delighted Liverpool fan with a tree seedling

Meanwhile, Liverpool fans in Uganda are planning a UG-KOP Champions League victory party.

This party will be held on Saturday, 14th December 2019 starting at 9:00am at Eco Resort in Kasenyi, off Entebbe road.

There are a number of team building activities planned on the day and these will range from Football, Basketball, Pool, Board games among other sports.

We shall Never Walk Alone: Liverpool fans in Uganda are at the forefront of massive tree planting
Female Liverpool fan with a tree seedling ready for planting

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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  1. Thank you for the commendable effort towards nature conservation through massive tree planting.
    May I know how many trees you were able to plant and over what period of time

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