Arthur Blick and Barak Orland

The local motorsports federation is due to hold its elective assembly next month.

However, controversy is already brewing on who will suit some roles; especially in motocross.

Motocross clubs have expressed their displeasure with candidates vying for the position of Deputy Vice President – Motorcycling.

The three clubs held a stakeholder meeting last Saturday and the majority requested George Semakula, Kisitu Mayanja, and Joseph Mwangala to withdraw their candidature. 

The trio had all meant the 7th January for submission of nominations.

“We called that meeting after several stakeholders expressed their discontent in the candidates.

“We feel Kisitu is best suited as an overall adviser to motocross since he has more experience than anyone in MX. Semakula besides being a rider parent, we all consider him more as a rally person. He also stood from a rally club not from our MX clubs while for Mwangala he has been on that post before,” said a stakeholder who preferred to remain anonymous.

Barak Orland(L) the one fronted by the MX stakeholders.

From the meeting, the members were fronting Barak Orland who held the DVP Motorcycling position.  He resigned from the position at the end of last year. 

He also never expressed interest by not picking the forms to assert his intentions to stand for the same.

“That is all true, he had resigned and he didn’t pick the forms. But in the meeting he accepted that he will go with what stakeholders decide,” said a member from the meeting.

With applications closed, it may be impossible for the clubs to find a replacement. 

They can only stand a chance if the Extra assembly which is due this Saturday reopens the applications, allowing Orland to apply and join the race.

Other than the candidates, the clubs also desire to have their full mandate to elect their own representatives.

“We find it disturbing when our representatives are determined by the twelve clubs other than the three MX clubs. 

“We want to push for our own independence and we choose our own representative who we feel are part of us in all aspects.” 

However, that can only be actualized with a constitutional review; a process that can take more than a year.  

Four candidates; Geoffrey Nsamba, Dusman Okee, Jack Wavamuno, and Dipu Ruparelia are contesting for the top federation seat.

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