Kuku Ranjit Credit: Africa Rally Archives

The 2020 season will not only usher in new and young competitors but will also witness the comeback of some former drivers. 

Captain Mike Mukula is the latest to hint on his rally return. 

Mike Mukula Credit: Twitter | Mukulaa

Mukula has acquired Kuku Ranjit’s Subaru N14 as he seeks to re-ignite his interest for rallying again. 

“I plan to come to rally again along with my son Mike Jr. 

“It is true, I have bought Kuku’s car but am yet to set a date for my return. For now, I will be doing more of training in Uganda and Kenya before I can look at the events I can attempt this season,” said Mukula. 

Mike Mukula in a Toyota Corolla GT4 Credit: Courtesy

The Captain who was referred to as ‘Flying Mike’ further shared why he had to break his sabbatical. 

“When I look at some of the drivers who are in the same age as me and can do things happen, I believe I can also come and try to be competitive.

“And when I heard about Karim’s probable return I decided to make a move.

“I plan to create a team; Mukula rally team that will have my son, who will soon acquire a Subaru N12,” he said. 

The Subaru N14 during its only rally in Uganda in December last year. Credit: Africa Rally Archives

Mukula last sat in a cockpit in 2007 in a sprint that was held at Botanical Gardens in Entebbe. 

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