Factions and divisionism in sport, particularly in the third world is a common feature that has time immemorial retarded the growth and development of the games in the box.

Seldom do sports associations and federations work in unison for a given period of time.

The vice is common cutting across the sporting disciplines in Uganda, just like in the rest of the African countries and this has stagnated the prosperity of the respective sports.

Some of the reasons embedded for these factions vary from incompetent administration and leadership, lack of respect, unconvincing accountability of federation funds, power greed and sheer desire to engage in cat fights.

The Uganda Kick boxing Federation is one of the sports bodies severely affected by these wrangles and factions.

From the group under the leadership of Patrick Luyonza, now has emerged a “serious” one led by a former kickboxer Malick Kaliisa.

On Monday, 20th January 2020, Kalisa’s wing openly declared a “Jihad” of sorts to clean up the sport of kick boxing in Uganda.

Addressing a well-attended press conference at Mount Zion Hotel in the heart of the capital city, Kampala, Kaliisa vowed to bring new developments to the sport.

David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Malik Kaliisa (holding the microphone) addressing the media at Mount Zion Hotel

We are here to make the game of kick boxing better. We shall start with swearing in on Tuesday, 21st January 2020 after an extra ordinary assembly voted me into office. Then, we shall embark on rewarding the best fighters of the decade on Saturday, 25th January 2020. Among the short and long term plans of my federation include supplying four rings per each of the distinct regions in Uganda and these rings will be ready by May 2020. We shall have national events, MMA East African championship, 12 fighters will head to China, I will lobby for more monies into the sport, build a kick boxing arena, reconcile with al factions and ensure good accountability of funds” Malik noted.

The newly elected vice president Latif Walugembe preached turning the words into deeds.

 “I believe in action than words. We are ready to create a difference and take kick boxing to another level” Walugembe stated.

David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Charles Paddy Mugoya taking noted during the press conference

Full Executive:

Malik Kaliisa is the president. He is deputized by Latif Walugembe. Veteran kick boxing referee Charles Paddy Mugoya is general secretary.

Khalid Tamale is treasurer, Sadat Yiga is organizing secretary and Lucky Kirenga as the publicity secretary.

David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Khalid Tamale is the new treasurer

The new executive however, has a mountain task to be approved by the National Council of Sports (NCS) that has already endorsed Luyonza’s faction.

David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Group photo for the members on the rival faction of the Uganda Kickboxing Federation (UKF)
David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports L-R: Sadat Yiga, Malik Kaliisa and Latif Walugembe during the press conference at Mount Zion Hotel, Kampala


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