The motorsport governing body(FMU) could soon reach an amicable resolution with the breakaway faction called Motorsport Association of Uganda (MAU).

The two entities met on Tuesday to moot a way forward following a close to month long impasse. 

The meeting took place at Ashaina restaurant in Bugolobi. 

The meeting involved representatives from the motorsport governing body, the breakaway group as well as the National Council of Sports.

FMU president(L) with some of the members of the breakaway group after the meeting in Bugolobi. Credit: Courtesy Photo

The  five hour long meeting would come out with the resolutions

•That MAU shall file a petition detailing their grievances and reform proposal to FMU in a period not exceeding ten days from the date of release of this statement.

•That MAU, FMU and the motor cycling clubs shall appoint members to comprise a Grievances Resolution Committee that shall be mandated to establish the grounds of the Petition and issue an actionable report on the way forward for the short, middle and long term all within a period not exceeding four (4) months.

•That all parties shall cease any form of hostilities and adverse media commentary and that mutually beneficial consideration shall be made in all decisions regarding the timetabling of activities and events by either party consistent with the overall promotion of the Sport and beneficial to all stakeholders.

•That FMU shall continue to promote its statutory mandate including licensing of riders.

The statement further stated that all parties pledge to lend reform process maximum attention in the interest of all stake holders being; government, sponsors, riders, rider parents, fans and sports administration.

MAU came in existence in early February with an intention of promoting the interests of motocross. 

The assocaition is made up of parents and riders disgruntled with the current management of motocross. 

MAU on 16th February controversially organised an event outside of the local federation calendar. 

The Federation is set to organise the first round of regional motocross championship on the 10-12th April. 

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