Warriors' Henry Musisi passes the ball from scrummage

Warriors had to come from behind twice in order to salvage a much-needed 22-20 victory against Buffaloes in Matchday 11 of the Nile Special Stout Rugby Premier League.

It was a generally balanced 80 minutes of end-to-end rugby on the clear sunny Saturday at Legends Rugby Grounds.

Match Statistics: Warriors 22-20 Buffaloes

Warriors had 10 visits to Buffaloes’ 22m territory while Buffaloes had 9 at the other end of the playing field. Warriors were more efficient than their opponents with ball in hand, committing 8 handling errors, 2 less than Buffaloes. Warriors also had the upper hand in contesting open play, turning over possession of the ball more than their visitors.

Looking at the set pieces, Warriors were flawless with their scrummages, and were able to steal one of Buffaloes’ which gave them some momentum to attack in the midfield.

The lineouts were not a secure attacking option for both teams. Buffaloes were outsmarted when Warriors kept contesting their balls thrown to the first jumper while a number of Warriors’ balls were lost at the back of the lineout.

Warriors & Buffaloes contest in a lineout.

Richard Kinyai’s boot made the difference to cut the gap between the two sides to just 2 points in the mid-table. Kinyai successfully converted 5 out of 9 penalties which makes a 56% accuracy that could be the lowest he has posted this season thus far.

It is this confidence to call for the kicking tee more than 40m away from the uprights that kept Warriors in the game until the point they scored a last-minute try.

Despite Wilfred Seguya having a good day off the tee adding the extras to Alvin Lutwama’s brace of tries, Buffaloes will rue their decision to not convert their kickable penalties.

Buffaloes’ Wilfred Seguya kicks for touch Credit: Edgar Hamala

Ernest Akorebirungi is an amateur rugby player and a keen follower of local Ugandan rugby.

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