Several drivers have completely gone off the rally scene after their retirement from active competition. Little or nothing is there to connect them to the sport while in retirement.

For Christakis Fitidis, it’s a whole different plan when he leaves the cockpit. 

The 68-year-old plans to set up gaming parlour to ensure he stays in connection with the competitive lifestyle while in retirement. 

“I have always thought of something that will connect me to Motorsport when I retire. 

“I got the idea of buying a simulator for my own use at home. It would give me the same feel while inside the car hence I will still be competitive,” said Fitidis.

Christakis Fitidis Credit: © Kawowo Sports | JON BATANUDDE

And true to his word, the 2017 national champion has established a simulator centre dubbed the X-Drive. It consists of Formula One, World Rally Champion and Aviation simulators. 

It is the first simulator center in the region. 

“While I searched for my own simulator. I analysed what it can do to the fraternity. I decided to have it as a business that will help the sport in the long run. 

“I purchased different simulators, even for choppers and some PlayStation consoles for beginners. Madagascar has simulators but they are private. There is no other center in Africa like the one I have.”

Yasin Nasser enjoying the rally simulator. The simulator is equipped with a Sparco seat, rally steering wheel, sequential gears to give a real feeling of a rally car in competition.

Fitidis believes the simulator center will produce the future talented drivers in the region. 

“I am certain, from the people who will come to use these simulators, we shall get at least ten talented rally drivers. They will have all the basics they need. 

“I heard Omar Mayanja started rallying from a video game. He is undeniably one of the top drivers. So we can have so many drivers like Omar,” asserts Fitidis. 

Fitidis further plans to produce international simulator competitions. 

“We are all aware of the eSports tournaments. 

“I plan to have local competition from which we shall pick the best to go and represent in the international gaming competitions,” he added.

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  1. Where is the simulator located, any way what does it take for me to access it

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