Fred Busulwa

A number of sporting activities have been critically disrupted by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic since March.

To curb the spread of the virus, the government enforced a lockdown with restrictions on all public gatherings, a decision that halted the continuation of sports activities. 

And Motorsport was not exceptional. 

Before the lockdown, only two National Rally events in Mbarara and Jinja had been covered. 

There are now only four events left in the season after the cancellation of the prestigious Pearl of Africa Rally which was due in August. 

With the end to coronavirus uncertain, the rally fraternity has been pushed into worrying about the future of this year’s championship. 

Fred Busulwa, who is currently leading the championship, believes the championship can be decided on the covered events or else the federation finds possible ways to cover the remaining events. 

Current NRC leaders; Fred Busulwa(R) and Joseph Bongole

“I believe the season was flagged off in Mbarara and it must end in whichever way possible. 

“If corona does not let us finish the season, then the two events must be considered to declare the champions,” he explains. 

Omar Mayanja, who is currently second on the NRC standings says the rules do not support the sudden end of the season.

“We have expended tremendous resources on the season already. Both organisers and drivers. The efforts and expenses can not be binned. It has to be on record and must count on the championship as intended. 

“The rule ensures a champion must be declared. It also ensures that you must show up for the first events. You can not punish those who show up by cancelling the entire season,” he asserted.

Omar Mayanja, currently second on the leaderboard. Credit: © Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDE

The National Rally Championship consists of seven events with ten events for Clubman Rally and Two-Wheel Drive championships. 

According to the national competition regulations, the crew with highest points accumulated in at the end of the year will be declared champions. 

The rules are, however, silent on the declaration of a champion in case the designated events for the year are not completed. 

But even with the absence of the rules, opinion is still divided. 

2017 NRC champion Christakis Fitidis prefers a season to be called off. 

“The federation should just consider the season dead. 2020 is a dead year because we have reached a point of no return.

“Consider it as force majeure. It is hard to consider a champion basing on two events. And it might be hard for the season to resume with the current situation. 

“I just urge the crews and organizers to prepare better for 2021,” he says. 

Christakis Fitidis Credit: © Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDE

Uganda has so far registered more than 260 Coronavirus cases. 

The government is currently easing on the lockdown but restrictions on public gatherings will continue for another three weeks. 

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