Residents up-root a goal post at Banga Nakiwogo play ground in Entebbe

At a time when the multiplier effect is adversely making a mark on Uganda in the various sectors given the escalating number of the population and socio-economic activities, land is definitely bound to feel the pressure.

Time over and again, private investors, business entities and the lay men have been cited in dubious land wrangles many of which many left scars, other shed blood and many have lost their dear lives.

Community open spaces and land for innocent people has been grabbed forcefully in the name of developmental ventures.

Current state of Nakiwogo Banga playground

Such is the present scenario at the lake side Banga Nakiwogo play ground, whose proximity to Africa’s largest fresh water body, Lake Victoria leaves many yearning for at least a few inches.

This land is situated in Division A and remains community property.

Seating on over 4 hectares, it is owned and under the stewardship of Entebbe Municipal Council.

At the start of 2020, Entebbe Municipal Council took over the upgrading of this facility used for recreation purposes by the communities of Nakiwogo, Banga, Virus, Lugonjo, Entebbe Town, Kitoro and the other parts of Entebbe Municipality.

The council under mayor Vincent Kayanja De Paul took upon the fencing project and a sanitary facility.

Mayor Kayanja in the ceremonial ground breaking event at Banga-Nakiwogo in February 2020

Division A was to execute the grading, leveling and grueling grass planting exercise.

No sooner had the grass planting exercise started than reports emerged that three individuals own different plots of land on the play ground.

The mentioned individuals are Phillip Mugabi  Balikuddembe, a one Dr.Lutwaama and a Swiss born national Godfrey Shelton.

Entebbe Division A chairman Michael Mutebi Kabwama is playing the key whistle blowing role with the help of area residents.

“It is unfortunate that the Nakiwogo Banga Play ground was sold by unknown people to three different persons. We shall not allow a community recreation ground to be dissected by selfish people.” Kabwama notes.

Nakiwogo residents uproot a goal post at Nakiwogo Banga play ground

Kayanja, the incumbent Entebbe Municipal mayor asserts the play ground development should continue amid threats of the land give-away.

Flanked by the Entebbe Assistant Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Hajji Noor Njuki, Kayanja echoes that whoever justifies that they have genuine land titles should present them to the council.

The recent developments on the Banga-Nakiwogo play grounds follows successful re-greening of the momentous Works Play-ground, situated in the heart of Entebbe Municipality (Opposite Entebbe Central Market and St Marks’ Church of Uganda).

Entebbe Local Leaders led by Entebbe RDC Hajji Noor Njuki (in black) and the Mayor Vincent Kayanja (extreme right) on site at Nakiwogo Banga

Already, development on the Kiwafu play ground is also on-going with the land leveled and graded, grass planted and a perimeter fencing installed to avoid by-passers.

Other play grounds re-greening projects have been undertaken in Entebbe Municipality at the Bugonga Fisheries Play ground, Katabi Busambaga play ground (home of Mongers Rugbyy club) and most recently Entebbe Police play ground.

Other play grounds in Entebbe Municipality:

Entebbe Municipality has quite a number of sports grounds to mention; the Works play-ground, Fisheries Training Institute play-ground, Katabi Gombolola play-ground, Entebbe SS play-ground, Kiwafu Play-ground, Kigungu play-ground, Lake Victoria Primary School play-ground, Entebbe Comprehensive SS play-ground, Air base play-ground, Katabi Busambaga ground (home of Entebbe Plascon Mongers Rugby Club) and the vast Kakeeka play-ground (Cricket oval) which is within the gigantic Entebbe Golf Club Course.

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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  1. People are tarnishing kayanjas name it’s not real look for proof before posting trash about him this is a political game, then I look at that mutebi using girls in an image of getting them jobs at the airport and paying ghetto guys to create conflicts around the city and then they put a blame of kayanja

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