Susan Kayemba, the Senior Manager Digital Services at MTN Uganda has explained what makes ayoba a supper app following its launch nearly a year ago.

Here is an interview with her on why ayoba is much more than just an Instant Messaging App;

What is ayoba?

ayoba is a free Instant messaging app for both Android and iOS mobile phones. ayoba is not just a new platform for people to chat with each other, it is a one of a kind digital platform that elevates the concept of instant messaging to a whole new level of instant and integrated connection beyond simply chatting.

What do you mean by integrated connection on ayoba?

Unlike the other messaging apps, with ayoba, customers can chat (app to SMS and SMS to app) with anyone regardless of whether they have a smart phone or not, or whether they have the ayoba app or not. MTN customers can reply to these messages on SMS even when the don’t have the app. ayoba lets you securely send and receive text messages, voice messages, videos, images, audio and other files with any of your contacts, using your mobile internet connection.

What about the data implications of using the app?

Interestingly, MTN customers do not need any data (MBs) to use the service. They can use it free of charge up to 1GB of data, every month. After using up the 1GB of free ayoba data, customers can load data bundles to continue using the app.

There are currently many Instant Messaging apps. Why should people choose ayoba
ahead of the other existing ones?

Ayoba is a Pan African messaging platform specifically built by Africans for Africans. It speaks to the uniqueness and diversity of Africa and boasts of features not available on any other instant messaging platforms. The app is available in some African languages, such as Swahili, Luganda, Hausa, isiXhosa, and Yoruba. It has end-to-end encryption to keep users’ data safe and ensure their privacy as they chat with their contacts regardless of their device or network.

ayoba also has channels on sports, music, fashion, cooking, health, and games. As you can see, there is not a boring moment for an ayoba user on the app as they can do more than just chatting.

Talking about more than just chatting, you earlier mentioned sending money using the ayoba app. How does that work?

Oh. That’s really easy, secure and intuitive. Simply go to chats, Start chat with the person you want to send the money to and tap the Attachment icon. Select Money and tap send MoMo. Enter the amount you want to transfer and the reason then tap the send button. You will receive a request to enter pin; both sender and receiver get notifications of the transaction. Imagine doing all that while you seamlessly chat with your friends and loved ones. That is the convenience of ayoba.

Now that you have all these features and have now made the app available to iOS devices, is there anything else to hope for from ayoba?

This is only the beginning. MTN is committed to its innovation ambitions to enable Africa claim its place in the Instant Messaging evolution. As MTN and SIMFY, we shall continue modifying the ayoba app to integrate all our customers’ telecommunication needs. Kindly visit www.ayoba.me to learn about all the cool things that ayoba has to offer. Remind all your friends and loved ones to download the ayoba app so you can start enjoying the benefits that come with this one of a kind integrated communication app.

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