Peaky Blinders celebrate with their trophy on the podium after winning the Budo League season 4 main cup

Budo League Season 4:

Main Cup Finals:

  • Peaky Blinders 2-0 Accumulators

It was a massive reunion of euphoria and delight as the Budo League season 4 officially climaxed at the Legends Rugby Play-ground, Lugogo in Kampala on Sunday,16th May 2021.

The Guiness powered league was commenced in August 2018 as a cocktail of football, socializing and networking for the alumni of Kings College Budo, as revealed by the spokesperson, Timothy Bukenya.

By close of business for the fourth season, Peaky Blinders, class of 2014 won the trophy of the main championship that had 13 teams in total (played on a league basis).

Peaky Blinders won the final 2-0 over the Accumulators (class of 2003).

Excited Peaky Blinders players receive the trophy from Elizabeth Mutamuliza, the Guinness Brand Manager (middle in black)

During the semi-finals, the champions were 3-1 winners over Thazoballo (class of 2005) whilst Accumulators had won their semi-final contest, 1-0 over Centurions (class of 2006).

In the second division tier christened as “The George Ssemivule Cup”, Abacuba won the trophy after a 1-0 win over Takoradi.

Abachuba players jubilate

The regular season had witnessed Peaky Blinders top with a total of 27 points.

Centurions and Accumulators had tied in second place with 26 points while Thazoballo  are fourth with 24 points.

Before the main final, there were two exhibition matches. Budo League select beat Ntare Lions Select 1-0 and SMACK League triumphed 3-1 over Budo League Select.

Individual Accolades:

Albert Kimumwe and Sharon Natukunda were the most valuable players in the male and female genders respectively.

Brian Lutwama (Peaky Blinders) took the honours as best goalkeeper.

The best striker was Takoradi’s Albert Kimumwe (Takoradi), the outstanding midfielder was Joshua Ssenyondo (Abachuba), the best defender as Aaron Ssenyondo (Peaky Blinders)

Peaky Blinders Team
Abachuba team

Team of season:

On the team of the season, champions Peaky Blinders dominated for obvious reasons with three players and a coach.

Goalkeeper Lutwama (Peaky Blinders) was joined by defenders  Aaron Ssenyondo (Peaky Blinders), Isaac Muwanguzi (Accumulators) and George Sendifa (Thazoballo)

The midfielders on the season best X were; Joshua Ssengendo (Abachuba), Jonathan Ssentamu (Peaky Blinders) and Jonah Byakutaaga (Thazoballo)

The forwards on the Alvin Sserukenya (Thazoballo), Albert Kimumwe (Takoradi) and a lady, Sharon Natukunda (Accumulators).

The best coach was Conrad Kimbugwe (Peaky Blinders).

Buddo League season 4 action at Legends Rugby Grounds.Lugogo in Kampala

The league is not just about football, but networking too and we take off  time to socialize as Budonians with the teams formed by the class years.

Timothy Bukenya, spokesperson Budo League

Our commitment to football is unwavering. We are the broadcast partners of the world’s popular football league on supersport, ensuring that we bring the action live on your TV screen wherever you are. Guinness is now focusing on fans’ involvement in the beautiful game;  hence activities like Guinness Night Football and partnerships with several old students’ football leagues like the Budo league.

Elizabeth Mutamuliza, the Guinness Brand Manager.
Fans merry marking at the Budo League season 4

This league had taken a hiatus due to Covid-19 restrictions resumed after government gave a green light to sporting events to conclude the season.

The event will be held in adherence to Standard Operating Procedures to curb the spread of Covid-19.

As the Budo old students and guests downed the Guiness beer and other beverages, there was entertainment by musicians Toniks and Queen Sheebah.

The key partners for the Budo League include; Legends Rugby Grounds, Uganda Breweries Limited under the Guiness brand, Jibu, OBC, elevate, Film Resort among others.

The excited fans watching the Budo League season 4 climax


  • Centurions 0-1 Accumulators
  • Thazobalo 1-3 Peaky Blinders

George Ssemivule Cup:

Finals: Abachuba 1-0 Takoradi

 Semi-finals (2nd Tier)

  • Takoradi 4-1 Quaballo
  • Abachuba 5-0 Massape

Exhibition Matches:

  • Budo League select 1-0 Ntare Lions Select
  • SMACK League 3-1 Budo League Select
The Budo League main trophy. Trophies and medals were handed over to exceling players and teams

Individual Accolades:

  • Most Valuable Player (Men): Albert Kimumwe
  • Most Valuable Player (Ladies): Sharon Natukunda
  • Best Goalkeeper: Brian Lutwama (Peaky Blinders)
  • Best Striker: Albert Kimumwe (Takoradi)
  • Best Midfielder: Joshua Ssenyondo (Abachuba)
  • Best Defender: Aaron Ssenyondo (Peaky Blinders)
  • Best coach: Conrad Kimbugwe (Peaky Blinders)

Team of season:

  • Goalkeeper: Brian Lutwama (Peaky Blinders)
  • Defenders: Aaron Ssenyondo (Peaky Blinders), Isaac Muwanguzi (Accumulators), George Sendifa (Thazoballo)
  • Midfielders: Joshua Ssengendo (Abachuba), Jonathan Ssentamu (Peaky Blinders), Jonah Byakutaaga (Thazoballo)
  • Strikers: Alvin Sserukenya (Thazoballo), Albert Kimumwe (Takoradi), Sharon Natukunda (Accumulators)
Some of the Kings College Budo Old students at Legends Rugby Ground following the proceedings of season climax

Background of The Budo League (TBL):

The Budo League (TBL) started in March 2018 with seven (7) teams each representing a house from Kings’ College Budo and one (1) guest team.

In this context a “House” is the term used in reference to the dormitories at Budo. The March 2018 inter-house edition was dubbed “The Easter Competitions” in a spirit of rekindling old memories of the famous Easter tournament that was [and is still] organized at Budo during the Easter period.

The Easter Completion was hosted at the Kyambogo Futsal Arena and lasted for eight (8) weeks with the final played on Easter Monday.

This inaugural edition was won by Ghana house. TBL Season 2 took on the same format inter-house format.

It kicked off in August 2018 and lasted four (4) months. It also took place at the Kyambogo Futsal Arena and was won by South Africa House.

The number of participants has been growing steadily since March 2018 and TBL’s Organising Committee (FA) has decided to progress it from an inter-house competition to an interclass competition i.e. competition amongst the various years of study.

This class based system aims at making the competition more inclusive which goal has already been manifested in part by seeing an increase in the number of participating teams from eight (8) to twelve (12).

Vision & Mission

TBL seeks to bring together Old Budonians through footballing sport in order to provide a platform for networking, building solidarity, maintaining fitness and good health amongst the Old Budonian community across the world.


• To create a vibrant platform where Old Budonians can interact on a more regular basis.

• To bring together Old Budonians from different generations and walks of life in a mutually beneficial way.

• To enable the participants interact, keep in touch and share information like business opportunities.

• To maintain and avail a platform for mutual business support to Old Budonians and other members of the community.

• To nurture a vibrant and strong community that will go to the level of providing the required social support for its members.

• To ensure that the members are healthy and fit through participating in the soccer games.

• To provide social/economic support for its members and to the community.

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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