Yassin Nasser at Safari Rally flag-off Credit: Innocent Mutaawe

Uganda’s Yasin Nasser and Ali Katumba may be out of the Safari Rally but the MOIL-sponsored crew is joyed at having been part of the World Rally Championship event. 

Safari Rally Kenya regained its World Rally Championship event after 19 years.

Nasser and Katumba in a Subaru GVB had their names documented as participants in a world rally event; a milestone for the crew.

Yasin Nasser(R) and Ali Katumba

It was the only Ugandan crew that passed the scruitneering to rally under WRC.

The crew kicked off their adventure with a shakedown stage on Wednesday.

They would later take on the Kasarani super special stage finishing 21st overall of the 50 crews that started.

Yassin Nasser at Safari Rally flag-off Credit: Innocent Mutaawe

The crew endured a gruelling third day of racing that forced them to retire at the end of the day.

“Our earlier target was to just finish the event and have fun. It’s obvious we could not compete with the WRC cars.

“Unfortunately, in our third stage we felt a miss in the car power, it kept worsening until we decided to retire for the day, fix the car, and return for super rally,” he explained Nasser.

Nasser however, could not restart the rally as planned due to the engine mishap.

“The service crew did all they could to fix the problem but we felt it was not 100 percent sorted. We anticipated having another issue on the stage, so the team decided we retire than damaging the engine further,” he added.

Yasin Nasser Credit: Innocent Mutaawe

Nasser admits that his short world rally experience is one to not to forget.

“Taking on the Safari Rally was the best decision we made as a team. There are a lot of lessons picked, right from preparation, technical and more.

“As a team, we believe this experience has put us to another level. It has set standards for everything we need to do as a team. It’s a big positive for us,” said Nasser.

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