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  1. While the East African neighbors are sharing points Mali is taking advantage of that by wining what’s available for them that’s going to be sequence of this group believe me.

  2. that’s a very poor start, on considering the fact that,harambee stars,were at there home ground. something more extra, has to be done.

  3. Both of these teams are the poor. Mali and Rwanda are better.
    It’s not on the players, though some are simply not up to scratch.

    Goalie Lukwago, is horrible at distribution. Poor accuracy and decision making. At the (47min?), he hoofed the ball up to two white Cranes players among a sea of red opponents when he had six unmarked players right in front of him. We lost the ball!
    At the end he was just kicking it outside. But that could be due to injury.

    It’s on the coaching team. This is a typical Micho team. Deep defending with nothing to offer in attack mainly due to slow transition.

    It would have been better to field the U-20 team with a few local based seniors because they have chemistry and more.

    But it’s early days so let’s wait and see.
    The team needs to improve tremendously.

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