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The 2022 Bankers' Sports gala lured institutions from Uganda’s Finance and Banking sector. It was embedded along the theme line; “Fitness, Wellness, Networking, Team Work”.

Sports galas and competitions are enticing delicacies usually served in raw formats to fulfil varying purposes.

Ranking aloft the purposes is maintaining of general body fitness, professional jobs (as players, coaches and administrators), socializing and sheer competition to win.

The 2022 Bankers’ Sports Gala on Sunday, 16th October at Kyambogo Sports grounds in Kampala was exactly held to achieve the aforementioned goals, among others.

This gala that lured institutions from Uganda’s Finance and Banking sector was embedded along the theme line; “Fitness, Wellness, Networking, Team Work”.

Debutants I&M Bank staged a gallant display and gave their respective opponents a run of their treasured monies before the quarter final ditch in the football sport.

I&M Employers limbering up prior to a game

I&M Bank football team edged UGAFODE 1-0, earned a point off absa with the goal-less draw and silenced Equity Bank in the other contest to make the grade to the last eight stage (quarter finals).

In the quarter-finals, Stanbic Bank (making 160 years since inception) ended I&M fairy-tale run with huge hopes of better performances in the 2023 edition.

Besides football, I&M was also top notch in Basketball, athletics and outdoor games as sack-racing and tug-of-war, among others.

Basketball during the 2022 Bankers’ Sports Gala
I&M against UGAFODE. I&M Bank won 1-0

It is upon this firm background that Godfrey Odoch, I&M’s general manager remarked of his charges’ unwavering drive to win and reach extraordinary heights.

“The gala is more than a competition, it is a chance for us to reconnect, to come together as a team in a different environment. We have had a tough, but good day, and I believe it’s our consistent drive to give nothing less than our best, that enabled us to end the day with shining results,” Odoch remarked.

Athletics during the 2022 Bankers’ sports gala

He added that through participation in the different sporting activities at the gala, the I&M Bank team was able to discover, review, and re-strategize their strengths and garner a sense of responsibility through team work.

“Regardless of the day’s wins and losses, the 2022 Bankers Gala was a huge success, as we achieved the ultimate goal of networking and celebrating the movers and shakers in the banking industry.” He added.

Fans blow their lungs out during a football match during the 2022 Bankers’ sports gala at Kyambogo sports grounds
Future bankers engage in the exciting sack race

The winners at the gala were awarded with trophies, medals and a range of many other prizes.

Goretti Masadde, the Chief Executive Officer, the Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services (the gala organisers) lauded all the participants for the successful event.

“We take pride in the impact the gala has made within the banking industry. And to all the participants, your patronage is vital to the gala’s overall success. It was amazing to see bankers leaving the business world, and coming to the fitness world to compete in a healthy way,” she said.

This event is an annual event.

2022 Bankers Sports Gala main poster

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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