FIFA intervenes in FUFA/USL impasse

World soccer governing FIFA’s Ashford Mamelodi the development officer in charge of Africa and Primo Corvaro from the FIFA Member Associations Committee are set to arrive in the country tomorrow(Monday) to settle the impasse between Uganda Super League and FUFA.

FIFA Development Officer Ashford Mamelodi

held a meeting with USL officials last year but his advice were still defied by both the clubs and the USL board. He now returns to the country this Monday

The continued defiance of association football rules by USL clubs and isolated individuals has attracted the intervention of the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA).

While in Kampala, the FIFA officials are expected to hold a meeting with the ministry of education and sports officials on top of meeting the USL club chairmen among others sects. A detailed program will be released this Monday.

The two officials will be in the country until Wednesday.

This visit comes in the wake of the bitter battle that is has taken center stage between Uganda Super League and local governing body FUFA which has dominated the news in the local media which has painted a bad picture of Uganda Football.

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