Sports betting is the latest craze in Uganda with a number of sports enthusiasts frequenting the numerous betting houses to place their odds. On any given day you will find a number of youthful sports fanatics trying out their luck in the hope that they will make some money. This is owed to the very popular European leagues such as the English premier league, Spanish La Liga and German BUndesliga among a host of other popular events.

It is this popularity that the ugandan betting houses have taken advantage of by opening as many betting centres throught out the country. It is a common sight for these centres to have long queus of young men placing their bets before the events take place. It is rumoured that there are some addicts who are either female or elderly and are not comfortable standing on long queus  to try thier luck. This category of betting addicts are said to be looking forward to other alternatives such as mobile betting that is slowly getting traction as companies design the technical solutions for it.

This could explain why European betting companies such as, have online presence enabling them take the experience to the next level. They have developed online systems that make it easy for their users to easily do the betting from the comfort of their computers.

There is no doubt that the Ugandan companies have bagged immense profits and the youth have also had an equal share. With this type of society that loves money, the youth are so impressionable that they become might become addicted and end betting for the entire eight months of a Premier League season. Incredicle passion indeed and blame them less for they are not occupied with work. Competiton among the betting companies has seen some sites collect huge betting numbers. The higher and more juicy the odds are, the nearer one’s money is close to the paper.

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