Writing this column brings back memories of September 9 2011, when the first ever televised Bell Uganda Super League match between Water and Bidco started with both teams playing dissimilar character. Water FC walked out of the tunnel led by match officials while Bidco FC was seated in the stands looking on. I remember Bowing my head down wondering what was not happening, but it was and could not stop it but look on.

On Monday, Super Sport released the TV schedule for the 2012/2013 season that will see Victors FC lock horns with Bunamwaya SC before Maroons entertain who??? You guessed right Water FC – the team that had to bare the embarrassment and shame of leaving the tunnel live on TV sets allover Africa well knowing they won’t kick a ball. Five more games will follow throughout the weekend and all live on TV.

FUFA has done a great deal to intimidate footballers and in return, the latter has shown loyalty in the FUFA Super League (FSL). I can bet my career that those same players are vowing to cross bridge once they relealize the limelight their friends in the other life are enjoying.

Let us not fool ourselves, footballers want to be seen on the biggest platform Africa has to offer, especially and now that Super Sport has revealed whom they are bedding between USL and FUFA. One prospect told his boss, that he won’t think twice about leaving if the club he is affliated to is not playing on TV. Xzinda Hussain and Kenneth Nyanzi, are some of the players plying their trade in Kenya after excelling in the USL last season, especially on matches that where live on TV.

Now trust players Mike Serummaga, Joseph Kabagambe, and others who have tasted the professional life before and have the desire to go for greener pastures. Your guess is as good as mine is. More will want to follow them, but they will not do so if the league they serve is in talks with a national broadcaster, whose commitment will be in doubt – Especially in moments when the Head of state has to make a state of the nation address from Rwakitura.

Therefore, now that TV is back, the only solution is for USL and FUFA to accept that the intimacy Super Sport comes with is for both to share.  Otherwise, one of those two campus girls is on the verge of missing the big chunks of money the sugar daddy is willing to share among them.

Senior staff writer at Kawowo Sports mainly covering volleyball, football and badminton

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