Twenty six players and coaches have attained ITF/Level I coaching course honours in a exercise that recently ended at Center Court Tennis Club Lugogo.

The two week course that was being conducted by ITF development officer for East Africa Thierry Ntwali and Prince Madema, had players and coaches from various clubs around Kampala and elsewhere including Mount Saint Mary’s Namagunga.

“We hope that you will put the new skills that you have learn’t from the faciliators to good use and hope to see you improve and help the game grow in your respective clubs,” Dennis Galabuzi, the Uganda Olympic Committee vice president said at the closure of the course. “I would like to see more schools involved in courses like this and hope that the Uganda Lawn Tennis Federation can start a grass root development programme that will see schools sending coaches for these courses.”

It was the first major coaching course under the leadership of Cedric Babu, who is the president of Uganda Lawn Tennis Association.

This is the third time that a course of this kind is being conducted by the International Tennis Federation earlier they have conducted Mini tennis programme in 2007 and then 2010 they did a Level II course which is more advanced.

Participants received a certificate from the International Olympic Committee and International Tennis Federation.

The course was part funded by the Uganda Olympic Committee, through the Olympic Solidarity.

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