Often times, it takes commitment, dedication, diligence and an iron bold heart for one to successfully record a landmark feat amidst all challenges and odds.

Gianna Guarino, 20, is one of the numerous global such personalities who have trekked that path of ultimate self-commitment and countless hours of strict training as a recipe for golden success.

The exciting and remarkable rowing trend of the young American dates as far back as 2007, while still at the Windsor School right now at Dartmouth College in the United States of America.

As a 14 year old, decision making would be a dilemma like many young teenagers world over will come out to openly and boldly testify about.

Soccer, Hockey and Lacrosse were some of the other available options on the plate for the young teenager to contemplate with.

Today, 6 years after going with the traditional water Olympic sport, in Rowing, Gianna has no regrets thus far.

“After my first season some upper class women whom I admired on the team saw potential in me, so they asked me if I was going to stick with it and row again in the spring”, she opens up to Kawowo Sports in an exclusive interview.

Gianna’s answer was in the rowing affirmative. “I said I want unsure because I was thinking about playing lacrosse. I forget exactly what they said to me, but evidently they said the right thing because I showed up in the spring”, she adds.

The competitive soul personality in Gianna has seen her cherish the sport as a lifestyle than simply a sport, an occupation or merely a hobby (leisure event).

“I’ve always been a competitive person and rowing became the place in my life that it is not only acceptable to be fiercely competitive, but where that is rewarded”, Gianna tells Kawowo Sports.

Along with the competitive nature of the sport comes a unique bond that is formed with teammates and coaches on every team.

This festive season (2013), Gianna is set to bring forth her rowing experience to the Pearl of Africa crown land – Uganda and offer, Uganda’s Youth female rowing prospect, Constance Mbambu a worthwhile training opportunity.

While in Uganda, she will have that once in a lifetime to row on Africa’s largest Water body, Lake Victoria and with the finest rowers in the country like the already confirmed 2014 Uganda Youth female Olympic rowing candidate, Mbambu and Gerald Ssemambo among others.

Gianna will be in the safest hands and supervision of the best rowing coach in the country, Rodrick Muhumuza, a FISA recognized rowing trainer under the watchful eyes of the beloved mother, Ann Mulvaney, the director for Management and Operations of the Kololo based Peace Corps, US born NGO based in Kampala.

“Rowing asks so much of you. You are forced to redefine what you previously believed to be your limits and you are pushed to make evident your priorities and live by those. Because of these things I have made friendships that are lifelong through doing this sport that I have come to love so much. For me rowing is not just a sport, or and occupation or a hobby- it’s a lifestyle”, Gianna’s message speaks in Bold.

We meet on the fresh waters of the giant Lake Victoria. A heart felt welcome to Uganda – The Pearl of Africa.

 Gianna Guarino, Lets go rowing.

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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