Minutes and hours after the shock resignation of the former Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) official spokesman, Rogers Mulindwa, various conspiracies have been since advanced why he threw in the towel.

Although the Federation came out with an official statement signed by the FUFA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Edgar Watson denying having received the resignation letter, Mulindwa still insists he has stepped aside.

Mulindwa, a Luweero FUFA Delegate, who is also on the CAF and CECAFA Media Committees, was quick to re-affirm and defend his resignation move.

In a special 97 F.M Radio City interview, Mulindwa, who had held the post for 8 years, cited several reasons for his planned resignation.

Kawowo Sports’ David Isabirye kept a keen ear on the ground and for the record captured the conversation as the sports presenter, Andrew Kabuura, engaged him (Mulindwa) in a telephone interview.

Unfriendly Working Conditions:

Rogers Mulindwa cited conditions he termed as ‘unbearable’ and ‘unfriendly’ to favour his  continued working with the Ugandan federation.

He remarked of the ‘unavailable information’ despite being the person responsible to unleash the message to the different media groups and the general community.

 “Every time I sought clarification on the different matters within the federation, I could not get the information. Therefore, I cannot continue to work under that kind of environment”, said.

Satisfactory Unaccountability of Funds:

To Rogers Mulindwa, the President (Moses Magogo) has swindled money from the sale of the Federation vehicle that belonged to the FUFA Chief Executive Officer.

“First of all, when I returned from CAF duties in Ethiopia, I inquired the procedure under which that car was sold, which was not clearly explained”, he reveals.

Mulindwa castigates Magogo for being dictatorial to declare himself the Chairperson of the Sponsorship and Television Committee.

“He used that position to influence a clause that whoever brings on board a sponsor gets 20 percent commission. That implied, for the Airtel Sponsor he lured through his personal company (Pearl Sporto), he earns a cool Ug.shs 800 Million per year. Can you imagine all this?” he questioned

Then there is that television money from Rwanda friendly Game (it ended 0 – 0).

“We got a local television station that agreed to show the game with a certain amount. When I asked the president about that money, I did not get a satisfactory answer. This is being unaccountable, and I cannot continue to work under such conditions of failure to account for funds received”, he concluded.

Despising The CECAFA Championship:

Mulindwa, who is the head of the CECAFA Media Committee, was very upset by the official statement issued by the Moses Magogo when Uganda Cranes failed to defend the regional championship in Kenya.

“How can a full president say CECAFA is not his priority? During the Lawrence Mulindwa regime, we had made it a point we ? This is such an ashaming statement from a gentleman whom we started the football journey with”, Mulindwa said.

To Magogo only the CHAN and AFCON Championships rank high on his agenda than the CECAFA. Such statements angered the publicist.

Criminality of the Rich to Run Football Matters:

 Rogers Mulindwa was bitter with yet another ‘sour’ statement from the federation president when he said, the rich should have no place in football leadership.

“He made many false P.R statements. To say that the rich people should not be in football was a hidden attack on people like Lawrence Mulindwa. There is no way I could accommodate such a statement”, he swore.

He added “At some stage we had got Owekitibwa Kaddu Kiberu (Managing Director of Peacock Paints) to sponsor the CHAN preparations at Ug.shs 5 million per month. But such comments from Magogo let us down and such people were disappointed too”.

Presidential Floor at FUFA house

The now bitter Rogers Mulindwa went ahead to explain how many of the federation officials were forcefully translocated from the 3rd to the down floors on the FUFA Houses.

The offices of the Records officer, Harunah Kyobe, Technical Accounts,Hajjat Aisha Nalule, Administrator Kalema Blatter, VP Technical, Mujib Kasule  are now on the down ward floors from the third floor.

“Magogo now enjoys a full presidential floor with his offices and other rooms remain locked”, he bemoaned.

Being Witch Hunted:

Mulindwa said that the incumbent president targets Rogers and other officials who are still close to the former President, Lawrence Mulindwa. “He has been at  a long time tried to press us (Lawrence Mulindwa Loyalists) to the wall. He is happy when we are all kicked out of the system because he fears Mulindwa might resurrect”, Mulindwa asserted.

Talks With Kavuma Kabenge and Fred Muwema:

To Mulindwa, reconciliation was a rare vocabulary for Moses Magogo. To deal with officials the federation had banned for 11 years was a gross mistake according to FIFA statures.

“Dealing with banned officials, CAF and FIFA statues are clear, you are not supposed to hold any sporting deal with a banned official. ‘He was with us but never with us. He was a guest in the Federation actually’, he concluded.

Mulindwa, who sounded bitter concluded with a strong warning; “Unless he  (Magogo) changes the way he is managing FUFA, he will totally collapse. He has absolutely diverted from what we first agreed on way back in the Lawrence Mulindwa led regime. All is doing are signs of a falling government”, he echoed.

The outgoing spokesperson announced his resignation in a letter reproduced below:

 “I am delighted to announce that I have this 9th day of January 2014 resigned my position as a FUFA Spokesperson, an office I have held since 17th December 2005.

  I have found myself unable to continue serving and defending an administration whose focus seem to differ so much from the foundation and the objectives we laid during Lawrence Mulindwa’s eight years regime.

  I however wish to thank the current FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo for giving me an opportunity to work with him and urge him to look back at our old efforts of prioritizing football against individual interests.

  I wish to assure the nation and all football fans in particular that I shall remain supportive to the game of football and I shall not whatsoever, join any negative forces in fighting baseless battles that affect football development.

 My advisory voice will however continue to be heard in my other capacities as a FUFA delegate, CECAFA spokesperson or even a member of the CAF Media committee. I shall arrange to officially hand over the office within a period not exceeding 14 days or at any convenient time as I may be advised by the Federation CEO.

 To all football fans, players, members of the media, the sponsors and the individuals within the FUFA family who appreciated my performance or offered me advice during the eight and a half years I have been in FUFA, I commend you and pray that we keep the link. 

 To all of you out there, football must be treated bigger than individuals.  it’s a game for all of us.

 Regards and Happy New Year.”

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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