When the Rugby Cranes senior team succumbed to the greatly abhorred 34-00 loss to Kenya in this year’s Elgon Cup second leg in Nairobi, little was left to like about the crisis-hit team.

Head coach Peter Magona resigned to offer chance to probably better personnel following a disappointing 2 year spell at the helm of the 15s, and although the better of the caretakers haven’t been tested to full potential, the recent displays by the both the Under-19 boys and girls seem to spring that ‘hope’ for the sought bright future.

The Cranes problems may sometimes extend further than we can really conceptualize, like the facilities that have been found wanting, inapt conditioning that encompasses Gym base circuits, combination fitness and speed power combos, and the psychological-physiological stature of the players.

However from a less pessimistic view, the Uganda Rugby Union could have found the starting point as regards to stepping up the national teams performance.

The Under-19 girls sevens outfit, Victoria Vixens may be the redemption key holders since the team impressed beyond expectation at the recently concluded Safari 7s in Kenya. They finished unbeaten, conceding neither a try nor a penalty.

And according to most enthusiasts and pundits, such performance barely summons a dated experience before. No try, No penalty past the backline in five encounters? Thaumaturgy indeed! Whatever prize the girls earned, more of the same they deserved.

Not forgetting the credit Tag Rugby contribution towards skill developments through intense training of the girls, success-bound Coach, Allan Musoke and Brenda Kayiyi who guided the girls at the touchline deserved. 

Despite conceding a couple of tries and penalties on the other hand, the Under-19 boys also utilized opportunity, standing out of the crowd, as the side emerged overall winners unbeaten in five encounters.

The boys who were guided by Coach Robert Seguya revealed that greater might with promise courtesy of a record 126 points, conceding only 24. Kyadondo Selects’ Eric Nyeko succeeding as Most Valuable Player meant talent inavailability holds no role in the divulged rugby shortcomings. 

If only both junior teams receive special attention in the manner they will blend into professional rugby, the required training, conditioning and investiments, Uganda could probably have to wait just a little longer to reap the best of Sport in the near future courtesy of these formidable sides.

Deputy Editor at Kawowo Sports. He is an aspiring Sport Psychologist.

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