All those who made it to the Lugogo indoor stadium and those who watched across Uganda and beyond will agree that Moses Golola was a better dancer than fighter in his rematch with Titus Tugume for the East and Central African Super Middleweight title.

The fight that was slated for Sunday February 14, actually started on Monday morning was filled with a lot of uncharacteristic behavior from two fighters who are believed by many the best in the land.

Much as Golola dominated with his punches and slightly improved kicks, the spectators were treated to more wrestling than kickboxing.

Both fighters, showcased a lot of amateurism, as they kept on holding each other without letting go, going to attacker each other even after the bell had gone.

Not to mention, failing to let each other go after the referee had called time off their uncalled for wrestling battles.

Tugume can go back home with his head lifted high, he was able to last the distance unlike the first meeting between the two where he only lasted 15 seconds as Golola knocked out him out with just two punches.

On Sunday, Tugume had his guard in place, but always got punished every time he let it down, Golola attacked and on several occasions the former kissed the canvas.

Then came the moment to remember in the fifth round as the ring broke, it took close to ten minutes to fix it, and during that time, Golola the entertainer didn’t disappointed his fans.

The charismatic fighter danced to several dance hall tunes the deejay of the day played while his fans cheered him on.

It was so clear that the self-appointed father of Kickboxing in Uganda was enjoying every bit of it.

Physiologically, the dancing and cheer from the crowd, tortured Tugugme who at that time had a handful of UPDF soldiers cheering him on.

But at the end of the day, there was going to be one winner, as expected, ring announcer, Irish Daniel Kanyerezi read out the results 67-67, 62-67, 67-62 in favour of Golola.

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