Kibuli's Anisha Muhammed fights for the ball with a Kawanda S.S player during the 2017 edition hosted by Mbarara High School Credit: © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

2017 UMEA Solidarity Games:



  • Kibuli S.S 22-14 Kawanda


  • Kibuli 20-17 Luyanzi College
  • Kawanda S.S 24-17 N’gando S.S
[/media-credit] Kibuli’s Anisha Muhammed fights for the ball with a Kawanda S.S player Credit: © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

Towering goal shooter Anisha Muhammed scored a lion’s share of goals as Kibuli Secondary school won the 2017 netball title at the Uganda Muslim Education Association (UMEA) games co-hosted by Nyamitanga and Welden in Mbarara.

Kibuli S.S defeated Kawanda 22-14 in a well contested and watched final played at the Kakyeeka stadium on Easter Monday.

Right from the group stages, Kibuli S.S proved they were a team on mission until the knock out.

In the semi-finals, Kibuli overcame Luyanzi College 20-17 as Kawanda were 24-17 winners over N’gando to set up a final clash.

[/media-credit] Action between Kawanda S.S (White and blue) against Kibuli S.S (Red and Black) Credit: © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

Muhammed scored 15 goals as her partner in crime, Mary Aluel from South Sudan had 7 to see Kibuli win the title amidst charged tempers from Kawanda players and officials alike.

Meanwhile, Kibuli S.S also won the handball boys and girls title.

Kawempe Muslim won the girls’ football title.

[/media-credit] Netball action at the 2017 UMEA Games in Mbarara Credit: © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

The UMEA games are played over the Easter holidays with the main purpose among others being fostering unity among the Muslim founded schools.

[/media-credit] Triumphant Kibuli S.S netball team Credit: Kawowo Sports

Selected Group stage Results:

  • Madina 44-3 Emirates
  • Kawanda 18-13 Masaka
  • Kakungulu Memorial 32-04 Natete Muslim
  • Gombe 17-10 Wagwa High
  • Amity 12-16 Sentah College
  • N’gando 25-07 Sseke
  • Kabukenge 17-03 Katwe Noor
  • Kibuli 58-01 Kawempe Muslim
  • Welden 19-09 Kinawa
  • Emirates 05-47 Kawanda
  • Luyanzi 23-14 Kawanda
  • Natete Muslim 5-35 Gombe
  • Mukono S.S 18-22 Buddu Mixed
  • Sentah College 11-18 N’gando S.S
  • Katwe Noor 01-45 Kibuli S.S
  • Masaka S.S 21-16 Welden
  • Kinawa 2-29 Madina
  • Wagwa 18-20 Luyanzi
  • Sseke S.S 10-24 Mukono S.S
  • Buddu Mixed 18-09 Amity
  • Kawempe Muslim 12-20 Hill Side
  • Emirates College 07-34 Masaka S.S
  • Kinawa High 07-36 Kawanda S.S
  • Natete Hill 03-31 Wagwa
  • Kawanda 14-13 Gombe
  • Buddu Mixed 08-20 N’gando
  • Katwe Noor 09-08 Kawempe Muslim
  • Welden 18-16 Madina Islamic
  • Emirates College 13-12 Kinawa High
  • Luyanzi 23-16 Kakungulu
  • Natete Muslim 02-28 Kawanda
  • Kabukwenge 06-34 Kibuli S.S
  • Amity 06-34 N’gando
  • Kakungulu Memorial 10-17 Gombe S.S
  • Madina Islamic 13-16 Kawanda
  • Hillside 19-06 Katwe Noor
  • Mukono S.S 12-15 Sentah College
  • Luyanzi College 44-04 Natete Muslim
  • Welden 39-02 Emirates College

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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