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A fan’s take on the just concluded ICC World Cricket league division 3 tournament.

[/media-credit] Cricket Cranes were relegated to Division 4 after loss to USA Credit: © Kawowo Sports | AISHA NAKATO

Uganda finished 5th and was relegated to division 4.


1.Hamu Kayondo 2/10

No stranger to the cricket cranes set up, this was Hamu’s time to step up! Handed all five games in the tournament, there is not much to write about. With his famed “cricket brain”, it sure didn’t show in the game against Oman and even worse against USA. If the opening batsman can’t deliver half a century, then what is he doing up the order.

2.Arthur Kyobe 1/10

[/media-credit] Arthur Kyobe (L) and team skipper Davis Karashani Credit: © Kawowo Sports | AISHA NAKATO

Time and time the country has waited for the big knock, it never seems to happen, at least not at major tournaments. The ability to back all the talk still eludes Arthur and for the very short spells he was on the crease, deer-headlights is a kind analogy. The manner he gets out in the USA game is blasphemous!

3.Roger Mukasa 4/10

He really needs to work on his patience. Easily frustrated everytime things didn’t go according to plan which was EVERY OTHER TIME! Roger used to open Uganda’s batting and he didn’t do too badly…maybe be he should be handed that role again…this number 3,4 ain’t working because he still ends up opening in a sense no?

4.Shahzad Kamal 4/10

Average in a sea of mediocrity. Often times ended up the order and got some runs.

5.Davis Karashani 4/10

With leadership comes great responsibility and often times that extends to your ability to inspire your “troops”. Despite being fairly handy with the ball, questions arise on a couple of team line ups(OMAN! …how and why Sebanja makes that team is perhaps beyond what us normal earthlings will ever comprehend.

6.Brian Masaba 4/10

[/media-credit] Brian Masaba (with the bat) after Game 1 of the Easter Cricket Series against Kanya Credit: © Kawowo Sports | AISHA NAKATO

Played 2 games out of the 5. Looked hungry the first opportunity handed to him against Malaysia but that USA “no knock” should feature in his night mares for years to come. It’s the only consolation for us fans.

7.Frank Nsubuga 3/10

They say experience is the best teacher…They LIED!

Modern day cricket doesn’t accord the luxury of being on a team purely for your bowling…well unless you are Narine. I digress, but this is associate cricket and for all the good he did with the ball and in the field, it’s wiped clean in that USA game, the minute he attempts to hit a four and is caught in a game where he walks on- with 20 or so overs to go, CRR 3.68 RRR 1.42 and your skipper is set on the crease…If you CANNOT read a game like this, I am sorry, maybe it’s time to call it quits.

8.Charles Waiswa 5/10

Arguably one of the more exciting players to watch, fired up and boisterous every time he was on the field. Got out of retirement to return, he can sleep easy knowing he gave it his all.

9.Jonathan Sebanja 1/10

Words fail me. And just sometimes, when you have nothing nice to say, keep quiet. I will take heed of those words here.

10.Henry Ssenyondo 6/10

Not taking away from his bowling prowess, much of the judgement comes down to that last round robin game against USA. With promotion out of reach, Master Wong won me over when he went into a game and did what 5 people before him had failed to do! block block.

[/media-credit] Cricket Cranes Credit: © Kawowo Sports | AMINAH BABIRYE

11.Arnold Otwani 4/10

Thrown in the deep end, the young lad was handed the wicket keeping role in this tournament.Well,it didn’t pay off and you can’t really blame him. He was however a decent bat racking up double figures almost every time. Needs to be nurtured, there is something there to harness.

12.Deus Muhumuza 4/10

Perhaps everyone will remember the dropped Rizwan Cheema catch but it wasn’t all gloom. Great asset to any field setup and got the runs required. Team player through and through and was a good sport on water duty when he wasn’t playing.

13.Lawrence Sematimba 1/10

Never should have been on the team, this one is on the selectors…his fitness issue was the worst kept secret but clearly not to the selectors because he made the team. 1 run in 2 games and Uganda ended up using 3 wicket keepers in one tournament.

14.Irfan Mohammed 6/10

If you remember nothing from this tournament, at least you will remember the unbeaten century against Malaysia from Afridi. Bowled too and stepped up every time he was sent in.

15.Naeem Bardai 5/10

He was the third wicket keeper in the tournament, called onto the team without prior notice, it showed. Fumbled a couple of times and maybe USA would have been all out for less than 145, however he was one of a few on the day that got in some runs.

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