The 2017 Glamour International Chess tourney has been rescheduled.

The event was set to happen over the weekend [September 9-10] at Jevine Hotel, Rubaga, but because the National Junior Chess Championships will run on the same weekend, the directors at Chess Life Academy- the organizers of the Glamour Series- have agreed to postpone the event and let their trainees take part in the National Juniors.

“Following the meeting with the directors and stakeholders of Chess Life Academy, we have resolved to have our trainees feature in the National Juniors slated this weekend. The CLA management has rescheduled the Glamour International Chess Tournament to a later date that will be communicated.

“It is in the best interest of our trainees that we have reached this decision and thus encourage the members of CLA to go for the National Juniors. We are in chess to produce better thinkers and better players. Now is the time to showcase our products and also to give opportunity to our defending champion to take up opportunities in other competitions but also to have opportunity to defend their titles in Glamour International Juniors Chess Tournament whose dates will be communicated.

“We shall therefore have our holiday training ending on Friday ahead of the National Juniors.” Read a statement from the Academy.

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