Before the action-packed UEFA Champions league final mach kickoff, something memorable happened. It happened at one of the baby branches of Fortebet, Kasubi. By the time the long awaited game started, customers at this branch, the biggest in Kampala, had already won when Fortebet showered them with lots of the usual gifts it normally gives out to its customers. Fortebet team led by its Media Manager, John Nanyumba stormed the branch and had every customer that was found present say, thank you Fortebet.

“We are happy to be with you here today and we are happy to find you in big numbers. We are here to interact with but above all to also give you some gifts for the good welcome that you have so far offered to this new branch,” said Nanyumba, while talking to the customers. He added, “We have more than enough gifts for all of you. We have brought you Fortebet wristbands, pens, caps, T-shirts and jerseys for your favourite European teams.”

The second group of Fortebet users who got jerseys

For the start, everyone got a Fortebet wristband and a pen. Secondly, all customers that had placed bets and had evidence to this effect walked away with either caps, T-shirts or favourite European team jerseys-depending on how much one put as stake. Rocky K, one of the jersey winners said, upon getting his jersey, that, “We have been waiting for you because we normally see in the media that you give out these gifts. This is why we shall remain team Fortebet forever.” Another customer who preferred anonymity said, “I have never believed that the giving of these gifts is real. But now that I have received this T-shirt, I have confirmed and I will tell my friends that it is real.”

Kasubi branch started its operations a few weeks ago and it is not only the biggest in Kampala but equipped with all that a modern betting centre should have. It has 96 computers fully connected to 24 hour internet, a very large customer hall, a very descent TV room, a number of slot machines and over 6 people waiting to serve you at the counter for either deposits, withdrawals or inquiries

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