Roy Mubiru shows off his award

2020 WPA World championship:

40-45 years Catergory – 125kg weight

  • Gold Winner: Roy Mubiru (Uganda) – Lifted a total of 1502kgs

No question, sports remains a potent cost effective tourism marketing gimmick for the different countries across the world.

A gold medal at any world championship in any sporting event is as good as investment of over $1M to boost a given country’s tourism potentiality.

Powerlifter Roy Mubiru has exactly replicated this feat time immemorial at various World Championships and inter-continental events, and therefore, not only deservedly necessitates a thunderous shout-out but also a handsome monetary reward.

The US based Ugandan once again smiled to the podium with a gold medal during the 2020 World Powerlifting Association (WPA) World championship held at Steel Beach Gym, Oakville Connecticut in the United States of America (USA).

Because of the wide spread COVID-19 pandemic, Mubiru had only resumed training at the advent of August, three weeks to the Oakville Connecticut.

‘Apart from a few athletes who had underground gyms most of us struggled ahead of the world championship, however am grateful to God, that I was able juggle work against training,’ he noted.

Roy Mubiru in action

Mubiru initially struggled to find a footing in the first round because of long spells without competitive action and training.

He at first failed in the Squat and bench attempts, but, however recovered to win gold in the seven.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, only a limited number of athletes featured with numbers not exceeding 100.

Roy Mubiru being congratulated

Mubiru had also succeeded with a gold medal during the 2019 Lutsk event in Ukraine, gold in the 124 Kg Tested Raw Class (40-45 Years) at the World  Championships in the same year at Bremerton, Washington.

Roy Mubiru (right) with a participant
Roy Mubiru relaxes after the gold medal feat

Given the tourism potentiality of Roy Mubiru’s exploits, it is now incumbent upon the Government of Uganda through the Ministries of Sports and Education, Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities as well as the Uganda Tourism Board to recommend and appreciate the effort of the powerlifter in marketing Uganda on countless occasions across the entire world.

If fact, Mubiru attests that he will not be able to attend to any more world championships given the financial hardships he is going though against his sport activities.

That said, Mubiru ought to be assisted with a golden hand and token of appreciation.

Roy Mubiru proudly showcases the treasured Uganda’s national flag after the event at Steel Beach Gym, Oakville Connecticut in the United States of America (USA)

Mubiru’s sporting prowess aside, he has got a gold coated philanthropic heart and hands alike as he has part of the Ugandans in the diaspora who helped out the weight and power-lifters with food this July as the country experienced a ban of sporting events since March 17th 2020.

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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