Eddie Okila

Uganda Volleyball Federation (UVF) will be going to polls on the last day of January 2021 to elect individuals who will steer the sport for the next four years.

Vying for the top seat will be incumbent Hadijah Namanda, Sadik Nasiwu and Eddie Okila who officially declared his candidacy for the presidency of the federation on Thursday.

Unlike Namanda and Nasiwu, Okila has not been at the helm of the federation. Okila reasons volleyball in the country has been short of leadership at the top and he believes he is the right man for the job.

“The Presidency is the most influential office in the sporting world. Through a transformational leadership approach, it can bring a more vital life for our people in volleyball at the national level, clubs, institutions and most importantly, at schools’ level and sports in general in the country.

“A lot of problems we have had in volleyball is because the leaders have not been very focused to the development of the game.

“I believe that any volleyball aspirant to this important nomination should be willing to submit
to the voters his transformative views, record and competence in this election,” he says.

Okila adds that on top of transformative leadership, he intends to rebrand the federation and create products that will bring partners to volleyball.

“We are going to completely rebrand the federation. From 1973 we haven’t rebranded the federation. You cant find the federation logo or its fanton colours and once you have a brand whose is confused it’s difficult to attract sponsors.

“Uganda Volleyball Federation does not have a product to sale. It’s fundamentally important for us to create a product that will attract sponsors and bring money to the game.

“My plan is to create a competitive league. We are going to completely rebrand and change the structure of the national league such that it becomes attractive to potential partners.

“We started the league as a promotional league but eighteen years down the road we have not been able to fix the league and that needs to change.”

Franklin Kaweru is the Editor in Chief of Kawowo Sports. He is an ardent basketball enthusiast.

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