Black Pearls vs Avengers

Uganda Rugby Union has on Tuesday evening announced that women will play a tens tournament for the 2020 season.

It has been an eventful start to the month of February in Ugandan rugby. And now, the women have received good news for their return to rugby.

The tens is a variation of rugby union in which each team fields 10 players for a game of 2 halves of 10 minutes each.

The statement from URU revealed that the competition will be played in a series of regional satellite tournaments. The regions will each host a minimum of two tournaments, after which a national finals tournament will be played.

COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures will be observed during these competitions. URU has stated that they are going to work with the respective clubs to ensure that players carry out COVID-19 PCR tests.

Ernest Akorebirungi is an amateur rugby player and a keen follower of local Ugandan rugby.

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