• Nile Special Stout Rugby Premier League – Matchday Two
  • 4pm: Warriors vs Kobs | Mileke Shield
  • Legends Rugby Grounds

Warriors and Kobs will play in the second edition of the Mileke Memorial Shield on Saturday evening in honour of the late Papa Patrick Aredo Mileke.

Two of the Aredo brothers, Gabriel and Joseph, are in opposite numbers at fullback for Warriors and Kobs respectively while Erasmus will be hoping to come off the bench for Warriors.

The Aredo Brothers (L-R: Erasmus, Joseph & Gabriel) Credit: Kobs Rugby Club

This will be during matchday two of the Nile Special Stout Rugby Premier League at Legends Rugby Grounds. Kobs swept Rhinos in the first match played at Kings Park while Warriors’ opener against Jinja Hippos was postponed.

It is a star-studded Kobs tightforwards assembly with Sekate and Kivumbi at the front row, and Aziku and Mpande locking out the second row. Oketayot and captain Asaba start at the flanks while Ogena has been replaced by Manano at eighthman.

Mugerwa and new signing Kamusiime will challenge this front row with captain Komakech and Aling providing locking support to them. Simon Peter Nyoko combines with another debutant Mugirya for the halfback pairing.

Justin Kimono and Ian Munyani will run in the midfield in a fresh pairing which has seen Seruwagi dropped to the bench and Semwami sent to the wing. They will be facing familiar opponents in Kihumuro and Kinyai.

Kobs have a 1-0 lead in the Mileke Shield matches after winning the first and only match that was played last season.

Warriors Squad:

  • Starting: 1 Addson Mugerwa, 2 Moses Andruda, 3 Tylane Kamusime, 4 Akera Komakech (C), 5 Micheal Aling, 6 Isaac Kimera, 7 Daniel Buule, 8 Emmanuel Onen, 9 Simon Peter Nyeko, 10 Ivan Mugirya, 11 Isaac Tago, 12 Ruben Kihumuro, 13 Richard Kinyai, 14 Owen Kinyera, 15 Gabriel Aredo.
  • Substitutes: 16 Charles Lutaaya, 17 Gideon Mutesasira, 18 Erasmus Aredo, 19 Marvin Agaba, 20 Raymond Ogwang, 21 Henry Musisi, 22 Ochan Juma, 23 Arajab Kakaire.

Kobs Squad:

  • Starting: 1 Sekate Paul, 2 Faraji Odugo, 3 Kivumbi Saul, 4 Aziku Robert, 5 Mpande Arthur, 6 Asaba Brian, 7 Oketayot Byron, 8 Manano Alhaji, 9 Ochan Brian, 10 Ijongat James, 11 Odongo James, 12 Kimono Justin, 13 Munyani Ian, 14 Semwami Daudi, 15 Aredo Joseph.
  • Substitutes: 16 Maina Trevor, 17 Ayebazibwe Blair, 18 Kimbowa Collins, 19 Otto Michael, 20 Ogena Pius, 21 Sempeke Josiah, 22 Sseruwagi Edgar, 23 Arinaitwe Karim.

Ernest Akorebirungi is an amateur rugby player and a keen follower of local Ugandan rugby.

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