Floorball equipment handover in Kampala

Uganda Floorball Association (UFA) has received an assortment of equipment from a Swedish based board member, Robert Zimula.

The equipment included 200 balls, 50 playing sticks and 200 jerseys (shirts and shorts).

Zimula, also the founding president of the game in Uganda, presented the equipment donated to members of the Uganda Floorball Association led by president David Mugisha.

Others in attendance were Moses Amanyire (General secretary), Ibrahim Kiddu (national coach) and a couple of players.

The over-joyed players had an exhibition game to demonstrate to the media how the game goes about.

A floorball player in an exhibition for the game to the media
Floorball equipment handover in Kampala

We are humbled for this donation that comes at an opportune timing. This will surely help our respective clubs grow further as we plan internal competitions.

David Mugisha, Uganda Floorball Association President
Players pick the donated jerseys

About Floorball

For starters, Floorball is meant to be a truly offensive game, enjoyable and affordable for everyone.

 To create enough space for creativity many defensive actions are not allowed.

As stated above, it is a version of Hockey, but with fewer numbers (5 aside), playing with a lighter ball, floorball stick, on a ground of 40M x 20M and in two halves (23 minutes each).

The goalkeeper has no stick unlike the other outfield players and the stick must not be lifted above the knee for safety purposes.

In Uganda, the Floorball clubs include among others; TLC, Bagdad, Kawempe, Mandela Girls, Mandela College, Legacy, Kings, Makerere University, Uganda Christian University (UCU), Kisubi Mapeera, Luweero, and Entebbe among others.

Floorball equipment handover

As we see the game of Floorball taking fresh strides, here is a donation from Sweden that we believe will solve the issue of equipment which is very expensive. More items are coming to keep the game very active.

Robert Zimula, founder Uganda Floorball Association

The International Floorball Federation (IFF) officially recognized Uganda’s Association Uganda Floorball Association (UFA) in 2016.

Floorball Rules and Regulations:

1.  No Face­off: Instead you have a Free­hit or a Hit­in. The game starts with a Start­off.

2.  Throw­out: The goalie has no stick, and starts the play with a throw­out. The ball must bounce before the centre line.

3.  No Pass to Goalie: When you’re forechecking it’s not fair if the defenseman can give the ball to the goalie

4.  No Field player in Goalkeeper Area: This area belongs to the goalie alone. Players on both teams, stay out!

5.  No Stick­Check: The stick can only be used to play the ball. Hacking and whacking on the opponents stick might only break it and cause injuries

6.  No Contact with Stick: You wear no padding, so even an accidental hit might hurt. So control your stick at all times.

7.  No Stick­lift: Since you are not allowed to wear gloves, you don’t want anyone to lift your stick and by mistake break your finger.

8.  No High Stick: Regardless if you’re using your stick, knee or foot, the ball can only be played under knee level.

9.  No Pushing: Do you want to push and shove? Join World Wrestling Federation (WWF)!

10.  No Hands:  You can’t use your hands to play the ball. If it’s lower than your knee, use your stick. Otherwise, let it go

11.  Only Feet may Touch the Floor: This makes the game faster and more open. No jumping!

12.  No Stick between Feet: This gives you offensive freedom to roll off the checker at all times.

13.  No Slap Shot: Work on your wrist shot, and you’ll be able to shoot the ball quicker and almost as hard. Slap shots might only damage your stick.

14.  No Kick­pass: You can only kick the ball one time and only to your own stick.

15.  It is not allowed to:

  • Hit, block, lift or kick an opponent’s stick
  • Push, tackle or obstruct the opponent
  • Pass the ball to a teammate with feet
  • Play the ball above the knee level with the stick
  • Raise the blade above the waist level when hitting the ball
  • Jump up and stop the ball
  • Play the ball between the opponent’s legs
  • The goalkeeper to have the ball in their hands for more than 3 seconds.

16.  When offences are made, free hits are given for the opponents and if offences are bad enough penalties are given.

Players can be sent off for two, five, or ten minutes or for the rest of the game, depending on the severity of the offence.

A penalized player is not allowed to leave the penalty bench area until their penalty time has finished.

17. The most frequent offences are slashing (incorrect hit) and illegal pushing although the rules -playing shoulder to shoulder with the opponent.

The intensity of the game requires two referee in order to swift and correctly interpret situation and make sure that the rules are followed.

Simplified Floorball Rules

1. Games can be played with three to five players and a goalie on the court for each team. The goalie may be substituted for an additional player if desired. For an official game, five players and a goalie for each team is required.

2. No catching ball or hands-on ball, except for goalie, infraction results in a 2 min penalty.

3. No foot passes to another player, infraction results in a possession change, but players may kick the ball once onto their own stick.

4. No jumping (one foot must be on the ground when receiving the ball), infraction results in a free hit.

5. Players may not go down on two knees to make plays or block shots. Only the goalie may play from their knees, infraction results in a 2 min penalty.

6. Ball must be received on a stick below knee level, infraction results in a possession change. If contact is made with the ball above the knee, infraction results in a 2 min penalty.

7. Sticks must stay below waist level when shooting with a similar follow-through allowed. Stick above the waist on a shot will result in a 2 min penalty.

8. No stick checking, lifting, or slashing. A minor infraction results in a possession change, an infraction in a scoring position or repeated infraction results in a 2 min penalty.

9. No holding of stick, players, or shirt or general interference, infraction will result in a 2 min penalty.

10. No playing your stick between another player’s legs. Results in a possession change.

11. Nobody contact with the exception of incidental shoulder contact, infractions will result in a 2 min penalty.

12. No playing the ball with the head – infraction results in a 2 min penalty.

13. Face-offs: Face offs will be used to start the game at the beginning of each period and to re-start after each goal or if the ball is damaged. For a face-off, stick blade must be on the ground and perpendicular to centerline, feet parallel to centerline ball and the middle of the two players’ sticks. Players cannot reverse their grip or hold the stick below the face-off line. Play starts with a whistle blow.

14. Possession changes: Occurs in the situations cited above. Ball is played as a direct free shot similar to a soccer free kick, where the offending players must be 3 meters away and the ball must be shot or played to another player upon the officials whistle blow with a solid hit – not a sweeping motion.

15. Substitutions may occur at any time.

16. Repeated infractions result in a 2-minute penalty.

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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