Kyadondo Eagles Team players

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) Executive committee approved the change of names for fifteen (15) football clubs effective the 2021-2022 season.

The development was confirmed during the 25th FUFA Executive Committee meeting that convened at Sky Beach Hotel in Garuga, Katabi Town Council – Wakiso District (Buganda region) on 13th October 2021.

Eight of the clubs are in the third division league (regional leagues), six are in the fourth division (district leagues) and one in the FUFA Women Elite League (Acholi Queens).

The Northern and Buganda regions have four clubs apiece approved to change names.

Eastern and Western regions have two clubs each. Kampala, North East and Kitara all have a single club approved.

Fast rising Lugazi Football Club changed from Kampala University, Kyadondo Eagles converted from Kasenge, Mazima from Katale and Five Stars Entebbe evolved from Entebbe Leopards.

However, there is a dispute yet to be solved arising from some share-holders of Entebbe Leopards who were not consulted and they intend to go to court.

Five Stars Football Club – Entebbe players with their coaches and other team officials

In the Northern region, Ilee converted to Obasanjo FC, Okwerodot to Lwala, Peace Together to Northern Star Calvary and Vision Women to Acholi Queens Women Football Club.

Eastern region’s two clubs are; Dream Killer to Blaq Fuego and Kakira United to Jinja North Football Club.

For the Western region; Sports Club Barca changed to Kaaro Karungi Football Club and Muyenga Stars United converted to Mbarara Rangers Football Club.

Oculura changed to Serere Soccer Club in the North East, Super Heroes United to Impala Hill FC (Kampala) and Asinja to Rwenzori Lions Football Club (Kitara region).

Only the FUFA Executive Committee has the final powers and rights to approve or disapprove the change of names for any football club in Uganda.

The same executive confirmed the names of the proposed referees for the treasured FIFA badge in the upcoming 2022 season as well as the confirmation of the FUFA Big League format (single group) that will be played in the 2021-2022 season.

The clubs approved:

  • Kampala University to Lugazi FC (Buganda)
  • Kasenge United to Kyadondo Eagles FC (Buganda)
  • Katale Soccer Club to Mazima FC (Buganda)
  • Entebbe Leopards to Five Stars Entebbe FC (Buganda)
  • Dream Killer to Blaq Fuego FC (Eastern)
  • Kakira United to Jinja North FC (Eastern)
  • Oculura to Serere Soccer Club (North East)
  • Ilee to Obasanjo FC (Northern)
  • Okwerodot to Lwala FC (Northern)
  • Peace Together to Northern Star Calvary FC (Northern)
  • Vision Women to Acholi Queens FC (Northern)
  • Sports Club Barca to Kaaro Karungi FC (Western)
  • Muyenga Stars United to Mbarara Rangers FC (Western)
  • Super Heroes United to Impala Hill FC (Kampala)
  • Asinja to Rwenzori Lions FC (Kitara)

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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