Fred Kawuma, Gerald Ssendawula and William Nkemba, some of the SC Villa Trustees Credit: John Batanudde

The level of changes and counter changes at SC Villa is quite alarming. With each passing day comes a new communication or appointment which is then rescinded. All this goes to show the leadership mess that the club is going through with no clear direction in the future.  

In my view, the club is merely rotating in one position without moving forward and this is mostly due to conflict of interest. For instance, apart from SC Bazilengede who has something to talk about football management the rest are novices who will call a football pitch chambers. 

Nonetheless, the new legal committee can make amends if it overhauls the discriminative club constitution that side-lines the biggest section of fans on grounds of their level of education.

The committee should approach Villa matters from the grassroots instead of the top. Villa is mostly about fans and players, anyone in-between should not impose their will on the club. Football is also a pragmatic sport and it is high time boardroom matters took a back seat at Villa.

This brings me to the elephant in the room that many fear to address – funding. A few weeks ago, the club congress was charged to raise Shs 36m budget for the club’s monthly expenditure but we could only raise Shs 18m and of it, Shs 10m came from one individual. So, to imagine that the same congress, which has just 46 members of the projected 150 members can fund the club’s annual budget of Shs 2.5 billion is a stretch. 

That’s why the club needs to float shares for the fans to buy. The current structure of the Villa Membership Trust (VMT) is weak because apart from paying Shs 50,000 to belong to the club, there is little attachment to it. VMT membership is useless if your rights stop at just cheering. Instead, the club stands to win big if it floats shares because, with this, even a fan with 0.000001 per cent feels a sense of ownership.

It is time to put pride aside.

There are dozens of billionaire Villa fans who would be willing to inject money into the club but the current environment of squeezing out everyone deemed a threat puts them off. 

This, by the way, will negate the tendency of Moses Magogo to create a puppet leadership at Villa.

Immanuel Ben Misagga

Immanuel Ben Misagga is a former SC Villa president

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