able Tennis male players with team official Hajjati Zaujja Ndifuna in Montivelliers, France (Credit: David Isabirye)

ISF Gymnasiade Games 2022: Table Tennis (Selected Results):


  • Uganda 0-5 England
  • Brazil 5-1 Uganda


  • Uganda 1-5 Brazil
  • Uganda 0-5 England
  • Uganda 2-5 Jordan

Uganda’s U-18 Table Tennis team continues to pick crucial lessons from their first ever international championship played.

At the on-going 19th International Schools Sport Gymnasiade Games in France, every game matters for the Ugandan youngsters.

Halima Astolo and Shanita Namaala in girl’s doubles against Bulgaria (Credit: David Isabirye)

The atmosphere inside the state of art Complexe Sportif Max Louvel, Ville de Montivilliers is electrifying and worthy the heap for each member on team Uganda.

After picking an overwhelming 7-0 victory over South Americans Argentina on Monday, 16th May 2022, the boys’ team suffered a slip with back to back losses against England (5-0) and another Latin America country, Brazil (5-1).

Phillip Martin Napokooli, Tendo Kasoma and the towering Dennis Wasswa Kikomeko alongside their head coach Robert Ssekitoleko all gave their best in the respective matches.

L-R: Tendo Kasoma, Dennis Wasswa Kikomeko and Phillip Martin Napokooli pose for a group photo (Credit: David Isabirye)

“We have learnt a lot from this international tournament. From preparations for the game in the warm up zone, approach to game management. Surely, I will never remain the same after this tournament” Kikomeko stated.

The major positive with the girls’ team is the ability for Shanitah Namaala to work out for individual victories although the general team is yet to garner any win.

L-R: Hajjati Zaujja Ndifuna, Shanita Namaala, Flavia Amaniyo, Halima Astolo and head coach Robert Ssekitoleko (Credit: David Isabirye)

After day one, the girls’ team fell 6-1 to Bulgaria and the trend continued on the subsequent day with defeats to Brazil (5-1), England (5-0) and Jordan (5-2).

“We are excited having played our first international tournament in life. This is a big opening to our careers and hope we pick important lessons from every game played” Namaala says.

obert Ssekitoleko talks to Flavia Amaniyo during a recess in between the game (Credit: David Isabirye)

The team head coach Ssekitoleko is equally optimistic that the international exposure will further help the development of the game for the individual players and Uganda as a whole.

“Such tournaments are eye openers to the players and the association as a whole. From preparations to the games proper, we have learnt a lot.” Ssekitoleko notes.

Phillip Martin Napokooli in France (Credit: David Isabirye)
Denis Wasswa Kikomeko in France (Credit: David Isabirye)
Tendo Kasoma in France (Credit: David Isabirye)

The Table Tennis classification and knock-out rounds continue on Thursday, 19th May 2022 in Montevelliers.

Uganda is among the 63 countries in France for these U-18 student games in 20 sports disciplines.

Caen Normandie, Deauville, Granville Normandie, Le Harve, Caen Lamer Normandie Communaute Urbaine, Ville de Montivilliers, Ville de Pont Audemer, Rouen, Val de Reuil and La Harvre Seine Metropole are the host cities.

Shanita Namaala in France at ISF Games 2022 (Credit: David Isabirye)
Halima Astolo in France at 2022 ISF Games (Credit: David Isabirye)
Flavia Amaniyo in France (Credit: David Isabirye)

Other Results for Uganda:

Group L (Girls):

  • Uganda 1-6 Bulgaria

Group A (Boys):

  • Uganda 7-0 Argentina
  • Uganda 0-7 India
  • Brazil 7-0 Argentina
  • England 7-0 Argentina
  • England 5-2 Brazil
  • Brazil 2-5 India
Inside the Complexe Sportif Max Louvel, Ville de Montivilliers (Credit: David Isabirye)

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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